Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Day to all of you!

Oh how I love holidays and this day has become one of my favorites! It is the time when family and friends get together most especially in the dining table and dissect turkeys! lol. Seriously, in our family, it has been a tradition for the past years to come together to say our prayers of thanksgiving for the wonderful blessings we received and to celebrate the gift of one another. Historically, day of thanksgiving originated to celebrate a wonderful harvest of the year. In my own version, I want to make a list of things I am genuinely grateful and thankful for:

First off all I am so thankful for my husband. For all the love, understanding, patience, and care he lavished upon me. It'll be our first year anniversary next month and we can't believe how fast it turned about. They say the first years are the most critical ones, however, we just agree to disagree. I have the very best ally, partner, housemate, driver, conscience, masseur, IT support, and best friend in the universe! Thank you so much my dear hubby!

Next is my family and my husband's family. Life could have been hard and sad if not for their love and support. For their significant guidance and their positive teaching, we are so blessed to have them as a part of our lives. For my sisters and my husband sisters, thank you for the joy and love. My family has gotten bigger and it's more fun!

I am also thankful for my CFC community. For keeping me grounded and always keeping me in God's service. For helping me grow in love and discipleship, for bringing great inspiration in our marriage, and for encouraging us to be good ambassadors of Christ's love, thank you!

I would also like to thank my friends, near, far, wherever you are! hahaha. You know who you are. Thank you for the loyalty and love. For keeping in touch and not letting the distance hinder what we have. 

For my employer, thank you for the source of our livelihood! For being the means of sustaining our daily needs and wants.  Thank you for all the good as well as the bad experiences which refine me in excellency and professionalism. I've met a lot of people from different places with different backgrounds and they taught me well about work and life.

Last but not the least, I want to extend my deepest gratitude to the Lord my God. If not for Him, I wouldn't have all the people and things I mentioned above. He is the one true source of everything that is good! Thank you for all the great harvests in my life. 

All things will work for good to those who love Him. (Romans 8:28)

Likewise, may you get the chance to thank everyone that has made a difference in your life. 

Have a wonderful and blessed Holiday y'all!


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Hubby!

November 1st in the Catholic Church is the feast day of the saints. In this same day, my husband was given life. It is an honor and a blessing for him that he shares this special day with the saints. Personally, I can proudly say that my husband is a living saint, in his small ways. (I don't know exactly what the qualifications are for that but to me I believe that). 
  • He has a heart so pure and genuine. He believes that all people are nice. Never thought badly of anyone. There was a time when a complete stranger knocked at their door back home asking for money because his daughter was hospitalized. He didn't think twice rather he gave generously without doubting if that person was telling the truth or not. 
  • He is obedient and selfless. Whenever he comes here to visit me and my family asks him to carry along with him their padalas, he never complains. He will even leave some of his stuff just to make sure all of the padalas can fit in to his luggages. 
  • He is very caring and loving to my family. He works from home so when I leave the house for work, he's left alone at home with my grandparents. He prepares their food, washes their dishes, and watches over them. Another thing is that he understands well my obligation in the family. He still allows me to support them even if I already have a family of my own. He simply loves all the people whom I love. 
  • He's simple and frugal. He keeps me grounded and reminds me to spend wisely. Naturally, girls love to shop. Let's all admit it. However, my shopping galore has been limited lately. When I'm planning on buying something, he will first ask me if I really need it. He constantly tells me that he appreciates natural beauty and he's not a fan of the superficial. On my birthday he asked me what I want and the first thing that popped out my mind was this branded purse. hehe. Although I wanted it so much and have been dreaming about it for so long, in the end, I told him that I'll be okay without it. I was beginning to think like him. We've got to take care first of our obligations, save for our future and learn to live a simple life. 
He's been really a good influence in my life and he makes me a better person. I am very proud of how the Lord is shaping you. I thank God for leading you to righteousness and to holiness. Thanking God as well for leading your path to mine. I'm blessed and eternally honored to be your wife. I love you so much. Happy Birthday Alan!

I prepared a little surprise for you. I gathered birthday messages from your family back home for your very special day. Hope you feel the warmth of their love however thousand of miles away they are.

From Daddy:
On Alan's 30th birthday, here's something I'd like to share:
At two years old, Alan could speak clearly. Pretty soon, he could say a few prayers, as well as sing. He sang "Bahay Kubo", nursery rhymes, and top tunes of the day. And how well he could carry a tune! How can I forget how he sang "Stuck on You", Lionel Richie style! 
Alan, may you use these and your other gifts for Our Creator and others. God bless you! Happy Birthday! 

From Mommy:
When you were born, you got a perfect Apgar score of 10. You did not cry immediately but your eyes were wide open and alert because you were a Lamaze baby and you got the best start in life. In spite of that score, we could not take you home when I was discharged bec you had ingested blood that showed in bloody stools and the pedia wanted to be sure the cause was not internal bleeding. I went home but was back at the hospital daily to breastfeed you until we could bring you home a week after your bday. As firstborn apo and nephew on the Ochoa side, so many women doted on you but Lolo Fred was happiest bec finally there was a male in the family.Happy birthday dearest Alan! 

From our Ninang Doris and Ninong Ting:
Happy birthday, Alan, our #1 pamangkin born on 11.1! Always remember that you already have one of the greatest gifts, that of the love of a good wife. Nurture this love, and happiness will be yours on all your birthdays to come. With good wishes from Ninang Doris and Ninong Ting <3

From your Ninang Ces:
Happy birthday, Alan! Seeing you grow into the intelligent, responsible and loving man that you are now has been such a blessing. Never forget to keep growing, to keep caring, and to keep learning. Love you! 

From Tita Beng, Celine and Simon:
Happy 30th birthday, Alan!
I still am not used to calling you Alan. You have always been Owie to me, the first grandson and nephew of the Ochoas. I still remember how excited we all were every time you visited Lozano back in the days, when you were still a toddler. You were always so well-behaved, never pilyo.
Now, you have grown up to be quite the young man - so talented, smart, kindhearted. True, you have the Ochoas' DNA...but you are also a testament to how great Kuya Ton and Ate Nanette are as parents.
It was a treat to see you in Anaheim this year with Joselle. Keep safe in Georgia.Labsyaaaa!

From Mabear:
Happy 30th Alan, may you continue to be blessed with everything your heart desires :) We will celebrate your birthday tomorrow here at Lozano for lunch, and tonight the Fernandez side will celebrate your birthday at Ojeda naman. Ang daming celebrations! Ang saya-saya! Stay happy and healthy!

From Mayey:
Happy 30th birthday, kuya Alan! Happiness always to you and ate Joselle. God bless you more. :)

I thought of surprising him with a gift but in the end, I was the one who got surprised because he knew about my plan by accidentally reading my FB chat with my friend. This is him acting surprised. LOL