Sunday, October 25, 2015

Birthday Prayer

Dear Lord, I give You glory and honor for You are GOOD. Your loving kindness is everlasting. Your generosity abounds and you give great gifts to your children. I could never be grateful enough to You for blessing me with another year. Thank you for satisfying the deepest desires of my heart. No one else but You can supply my needs dear Lord. Thank you for answering my prayers. Thank you for your everyday love validated through my spouse, my family, my friends, and my community. 

Dear Lord, thank you for Your amazing grace and mercy. Although I may be unworthy of Your love, you still love me anyway. That is how forgiving and compassionate You are. Your love is unconditional. How blessed I am to be loved by You. Day by day, I live by your grace. My life is not always happy happy joy joy, but You are my saving grace. You give sense to all life's trials and adversities. You reveal to me the power of prayer. You teach me to hope and to trust relentlessly. You teach me how to be patient and kind. In Your holy words I find comfort. Through your holy words, I am purified. 

Dear Lord, I look forward as I age gracefully to know you more.  I'm thankful for the 29 years worth of love and wisdom You have given me. My heart is full and I couldn't ask for anything more than You to bless all the people reading this blog. May they too experience Your everlasting love! 


Tuesday, October 20, 2015

October rambling

This month has always been special to me. Besides of my birth month, what is there to not love October? The mornings are crisp, the leaves are too. The afternoons are warm but not too hot. The evenings are cool but not freezing. We could go days without turning the AC/heater on. What an energy and wallet friendly month! haha.

This month is also kind of sucking me in a whirlwind of activities. Thus explains the sporadic writing. I decided to gift myself a day off today to rest. But because the weekdays and weekends were hectic, I had no time left to do the house chores. Instead of taking the day easy, I caved in to cleaning the apartment and cooking. Sometimes I wonder if I have developed an OCD in me.   

Although I enjoy them, sometimes I still dream of a perfect, chill day. A perfect day would be waking up without an alarm clock, going out for a walk along a trail covered in crisp autumn leaves, stopping in a cafe and grabbing a cup of tea while I sit for an hour to read my bible and meditate. Then I go back home and watch episodes of my favorite tv series. Invite my favorite people over for pizza, lemon pepper chicken wings, and board games. Nothing fancy, just chill.

Going back to the cooking, today I cooked Arroz Ala Cubana. It's a family recipe and a great comfort food. It's made of stir fried ground beef/pork, bananas, eggs (I like mine over easy), and rice. All of my favorite food in one dish. I enjoy cooking. So much so when Alan eats more than I expect. Most of the time I encourage him to eat in moderation which he does so well, but when I cook, that rule doesn't apply any longer.

Other than cleaning and cooking, today has been really a good day! Besides my hour long nap, I got some good news in the mail! Alan's green card finally arrived! Long story short, his initial green card that was supposed to arrive after a month of his arrival unfortunately got lost in the mail. So we had to re-apply, mail another application form, go to the whole bio-metric she bang and pay another ridiculously high fee. What a pain. After 8 months, he finally got his green card. America, you know I love you but this is not a good way to welcome immigrants who strive to come to your country in good order.

Anyway, that's about it for October. Life has been good. Busy but good!