Thursday, June 19, 2014


If you've been following me on Instagram, you'd know that I successfully finished my #100happydays challenge this month!!! Yipeee!

I've proven that it's possible to be happy 100 days in a row. However, it's not as easy as I thought it would be. There were days when I felt like crap especially when I'm missing my husband (huhuhu), and there were days when life just seems mundane. Whenever an uneventful day comes to an end and I had nothing posted for the challenge, what I do is I stop, reflect, and simply try my best to find something that will bring back the joy in my heart. It was a great way to put a smile on my face at the end of each day. When I try to look closely around me, I become more appreciative of what I've got and more sensitive to the needs of others. For some reason, when I focus less on myself and more on others, I get less anxious about my own needs. Taking on this challenge, I learned to find happiness in the little things and to be grateful in all the blessings from above.

Here's  my top 10 happiest days! 

I realize how truly blessed I am with:

1. My marriage. Reunited with my husband. I read somewhere that everyone cannot be a princess, but you can find someone that can make you feel like a princess. I'm glad I found mine!  

2. Opportunity to travel. Wandered Japan with my favorite travel buddy!

3. My mom. For her birthday, I asked her what she wanted and her wish was my command. That's actually nothing compared to her raising me to be who I am today.

4. My sisters. Taking care of them and seeing them grow with grace brings me joy!

5. Family. One for all, all for one!
6. Friends. When you're down, and troubled, and you need a helping hand, and nothing, whoa nothing's going right. (sing with

7. Food. My sure comfort! Nomnomnom. Everytime I get irked by someone, I just tell myself, they must have skipped a meal. :P

8. Exercise. Scientifically, working out makes you happy... and sexy! lol

9. My creative outlet, my blog. Happy to share my sentiments and I've never thought that they actually value to others :)

10. Last but not the least, God. All these things are from Him, my source of joy!

All these things above are temporary and will pass but one thing I always keep in mind is true happiness is found in the paths of his commands. Psalm 119:35

Lord, help me to delight in the things that will bring me to eternal happiness. 


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Jack Of All Trades

I grabbed my keys, hurried out the door and got inside my car. I turned the engine on and my car would not start. Not my lucky day. It was probably still sleeping (like me) that's what I thought. I tried once again, inserted the key and switched it on but still, it wouldn't start. I gave up trying after a few times. Fortunately, my mom kindly offered and lend me her car to drop my sisters off to the train station and to commute to work. While I was on the road, I called my uncle, Butch and asked him if he could check what went wrong with the car. He said it has something to do with the battery and he's willing to buy me a replacement when he gets home. How nice of him :)

My uncle stands as our second dad. He's always there to the rescue whenever we need manly help. 

When I used to drive my Lolo's old car 6 years ago, it annoyingly stopped in the middle of an intersection. I was stuck for half an hour and turned red with embarrassment for causing traffic. I had no AAA or side road assistance so my best option was to call my uncle and pray he'll pick up his phone. He just got in his office but he unhesitatingly went to where I was to rescue me. I will never forget that day. 

This father's day, I would like to honor the man who has always been there to help us when we are in need. To our car mechanic, carpenter, plumber, mover, electrician, photographer, driver, tailor, tax preparer, our jack-of-all-trades, thank you so much for all that you do for us. Happy Father's Day! We love you!

To our heavenly Father, thank you for blessing us with fathers who reflects the kind of love you have for us. 


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Happy 2 Years!

When I started blogging back in June 2012, my pursuit was to write down how God was working in my life with the hope that others will find some inspiration and light as I share my life lessons, adventures as well as misadventures, my marriage, important milestones, and important people in my life. As I read back through all of my previous posts, I can't fathom how God worked wonders in my life and I'm truly grateful. He has blessed me abundantly through giving me my husband, the most loving man I've ever known, opportunity to  travel and see the world, caring family, stable job and a faithful community. My life is way far from perfect but by the grace of God, He makes everything beautiful in His time (Ecclesiastes 3:11). I also have my shares of heartaches and life's disappointments, but through daily prayer and through the holy spirit, I find consolation which exudes optimism and strong sense of tranquility in me. 

Blogging made reaching out to people across the world possible. With my positive and uplifting writing, I pray that you may find something that can be of worth to you. I also pray that God will continue to give me wisdom and graciously keep me as a woman who  loves Him with all her mind, heart, soul and strength. At the end of the day, my only wish is that my writing will always please Him and bring glory and honor to Him.

Thank you everyone for taking the time to read my thoughts and enduring some few lengthy posts. I appreciate your support! Special thanks to my husband for his unwavering support in all I do. Big hugs!!!

Happy 2nd year anniversary to us Journey of Joselle! 

I love statistics :)