Friday, January 31, 2014

Positive in Negative

This week was crazy! Early on, we were covered in frosted white snow and it made a terrible mess on the roads. At first, it was pretty but after a few hours, it became a nightmare. Atlanta barely gets snowed and when we do, we are always left unprepared. I consider myself lucky despite getting home after 4 hours of navigating my way through an obstacle of ice and cars skidding everywhere. I thought I was going to get my car crashed and I was pleading loudly "Lord, I just paid off my car!!! Don't do this to me please!" That was really scary! Unfortunately, for those people who got stuck on the roads and for those who wrecked their cars and had to abandoned it, they had to find a warm place to stay in for the night. I saw in the news that there were children stranded in their school and had to sleep over at their gym. I can imagine the parent's agony of worrying about their children. The state officials should have done a better job of getting the people prepared for this kind of situation. DISAPPOINTING! 

Sorry about that random rambling above. Actually my topic has nothing to do with that. I just wanted to update you on how Queen Elsa caused a severe damage to our kingdom. hehe. By the way, we were singing songs from Frozen on our drive home to keep ourselves entertained. I was Anna and my sister Jovy was Olaf. LOL. That's how we rolled and that's why we did not get cranky sitting for hours in traffic. 

Anyway. Okay. Here's the real deal. I thought this year is the year my husband and I are going to harvest our bundle of joy. For 6 weeks, I did not get my period. I was nervous, thrilled and very much hopeful. However, this morning, I was disappointed. My menstrual cycle began. I felt like I miscarried or something even when I did not. My hopes went down. I broke down.

The first person I saw and broke the news to was my supervisor and she has said something that completely lifted my spirit up. I believe, sometimes, God sends his messages through the angels, and the angels sends it through the people that surrounds you and she told me this: 

"Maybe God doesn't want you to be stressed out and wouldn't want you to go through the wonders of pregnancy without your husband."

She's right! Actually, my husband and I discussed that he wants to take care of me while I'm pregnant. But in our situation right now, it seems impossible. He's just naturally doting and I can imagine him giving in to my silly requests. 

Probable scenarios I think of during pregnancy:

(In the middle of the night)
Me: Love, can you get me a scoop of ice cream? Hubby: Okay Love.

Me: Love, can you massage my feet, they're getting manas. Hubby: Sure Love.

Me: Love, why do I feel so emotional and sad. Maybe we need to go to the mall? Hubby: Get in the car Love. 

Hehehe. Not expecting at this time doesn't seem to be a bad thing after all. We need to be pregnant together! :)

In God's perfect time, things will be better! 

"Trust in me, know that I too want what is best for you." 


Saturday, January 18, 2014

In Manila with Alan part 2

Happy Friday! Here's part 2 of my restaurant hopping in Manila! hahaha :D This video and the first one sums up my 3 week trip, however, too bad there were some places and moments that I missed to document. Sometimes I am bad in remembering to bring my camera. 

For my last week, my husband and I rented a condo in Bonifacio Global City in Taguig because that's where he works at. We searched for it via Our condo's located at Burgos Circle, the hottest dining spot in BGC.  I found myself falling in love with this urbanized city! I thought I was a solid city girl of the North (Quezon City) but recently I was slowly learning to love the South of Manila. BGC is surprisingly clean, traffic is more bearable, drivers are more courteous, public transportation (BGC bus) follow rules where to load and unload passengers, it is pedestrian friendly, there's an array of awesome places to dine (Filipino, American, Italian, Indian, Japanese, Chinese, name it, they have everything!) nearby shopping malls are a plenty (Bonifacio High Street, Serendra, Market Market, and the newest SM Aura) and most importantly, based on my experience, it is safe! I felt like I was only walking along the strips of midtown/downtown Atlanta. For one second, I thought I was in America every time I see foreigners walking by.hehe. I recommend this city to those who wishes to visit and potentially reside. :) 

I want to express my BIGGEST thank you to my wonderful husband for making this trip possible and a very memorable one. I was pursued and treated exceptionally well every single day. Three weeks was definitely not enough to make up for all the lost time especially during the holiday season. It's definitely MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES! Actually, it's more fun whenever my husband and I are together, wherever it may be :) 

Thankful to the Lord for all the blessings and the gift of marriage. Praying this year will be a year of favor for the both of us :)


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

In Manila with Alan part 1

Hellooo everyone! Happy New Year! I'm glad to be back here in my happy place! :) I had to go MIA (Missing In Action) for a while cos I went on a holiday break in my other happy place, the Philippines! I hit three birds in one stone in my journey back to the motherland. First, I celebrated Christmas with my better half. Second, New Year's, and third, we celebrated our 2nd year wedding anniversary :) After 10 months of being away from each other, we finally got a chance to be together again. It was just so surreal. Since we're not permanently living together yet, it felt like we're honeymooning all over again. 

Celebrated our 2nd anniversary with our family :)

It was such a much needed break as 2013 had not been so kind to me. I am so thankful that my company allowed me to go on vacation and understands the value of family :)

a heart warming personal holiday card form one of my bosses :)

I took some videos of what we were up to. Mostly, they were all about food! haha. Needless to say, we love to eat because food doesn't only need to be consumed just to be satisfied, it needs to be experienced. lol. Food makes people happy, and I think that's the reason why Filipinos are always in a happy disposition no matter what comes in their lives cos they love to eat, get together, and celebrate! Restaurants are becoming more and more competitive and innovative when it comes to food cos the battle of the best cuisine is crazy out there. If you have an empty stomach while watching this vlog below, please click out cos this will make your appetite crave. hehe. I definitely gained a few pounds but every calorie was worth the freaking cellulite. Deadma muna diet on vacations in a country where comfort food paired with rice and extra rice is such it's niche. 

I enjoyed my time with my family and got to bond again with the people I grew up with. It was just so refreshing! As refreshing as the spas. hehehe. Most importantly, my hubby and I had one of the best time of our lives! 
Reunited and it feels so good!!!
Hope you allow us to share our joy with you and enjoy this video!