Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tuesday Track

Before my husband went to bed, I sent him the link to the song below that put his mind and heart at peace. It's a heartwarming mellow song from Hillsong that just gives you the chills. I am just thankful for my cousin for leading me to this song on Sunday when we had our worship for Singles for Christ. I can't wait for the time where my husband and I would be singing and crying out loud songs of worship together! 

I was immensely touched by this song for the words and the melody. It's my favorite song from Hillsong from now on. Good job guys! God has really blessed these men with extraordinary talent and had moved so many hearts including mine. They're coming to Atlanta on Nov. 21st! Wish I could go! 

Now, the next tiny part is all mushy and it's okay if you wish to hit "x" button right now. Thought I should at least warn you. This song makes my eyes well up and my heart pound loudly every time I play this song. My husband and I have been abominably apart for almost 9 months now. I hope that gave you the idea. That's why we can totally relate to this song. Gratefully, we have found ourselves in the presence of our Savior where we find rest no matter how unsure or unknown our future may be. Our relationship, like any of those in LDR's, could be in a terrible mess right now, but it is sailing in the ocean serenely and smoothly. All thanks to the greatest captain of all, Jesus!      

Oceans (Where feet may fail)

Oceans (Where feet may fail) Live


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Older, Wiser, & Stronger

Few days days before my birthday, I recollected things that happened to me this year and walking down memory lane was not quite enjoyable. Here's a quick rundown:

 "Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.Matthew 5:4
Last week, I was humbled by a call from a dear friend for telling me how she and her friend were in awe on how I was coping up well in the midst of these daunting setbacks. At once I was reminded of my everyday prayer which I got from one of the daily devotionals I subscribed myself to:

 "May your light shine through me that others may see your truth and love, and find hope and peace in you".

This just validated my prayer! To bring honor and glory to God, even in the most difficult times of my life is beyond price.

It is only by God's grace I was able to recover. It is only by Him, my heart is at peace. It is only by Him, I feel complete even when the love of my life is not around. It is only by Him, I am celebrating death of my grandparents knowing that they're in a happier place together, forever with God, with all the saints and the angels. It is only by Him, I find hope that I will see them and my dad again in my next life. 

Also, it is only by Him, I find myself learning from the trials I was faced upon. 

I learned to be more patient in waiting for God's perfect timing.
I learned to completely put my trust in God and not on my own for He knows what He is doing.
I learned not to take family for granted. I learned to spend quality time with them.
I learned to forgive and to love unconditionally, to not hold grudges and bitterness in my heart.
I learned to keep on looking at the bright side and to be always positive.

Most especially, I learned that life isn't about me, but it's ultimately about Him. What better way to celebrate my birthday today than to honor the one who gave life to me. 

Thank you dear Lord for the gift of 27 years of existence and counting. Each year, you've tenderly shaped me and formed me wiser and stronger. Thank you for deeply sewing your words in my heart each year. Thank you for picking me back up and sustaining me with wisdom and grace. I am forever grateful of your love and your faithfulness! 

Thank you Lord for the people who made me feel special on my day physically and virtually. Felt your amazing love through them! 

Birthday lunch with coworker at North Point Diner :)
Birthday dinner with my family at Raku :)


Birthday Song!

While driving today to work, this song came up on the radio and I told myself, "This is exactly the perfect song for my birthday this year!". 


Sunday, October 6, 2013

Remembering Remy

Here are some photos of my grandma from when she was young till her old age that I compiled for her funeral. She was fond of posing in front of the camera. One trait I got from her :) Isn't she adorable and lovely? 

This was a pose I instructed my Lola to do :) Also, one thing I would always remember about my Lola is that she cannot go out of the house without her hat and accessories! Kikay!


My Lola, My Idol

My dearest and my most favorite grandmother died on October 1st 2013 at the age of 91. It's the day we tried to prepare ourselves for but still couldn't grasp the unbearable thought. It still all hasn't sunk in yet. She died Tuesday morning in the hospital but before that, on Friday, she playfully pulled my pillow in the middle of the night and woke me up. On Saturday, she even asked the return date of my husband. Sunday, she went with us for a despedida party for one of our leaders in the community. She loved parties and was greeting everyone with her infectious smile. Monday morning, before I went off to work, she sent me kisses through her fragile hand. And Monday night, at the hospital, we told her we were going to come back and didn't know it was the last time we could kiss her warm and soft cheeks and tell her we love her. Everything happened too fast. However, we were not left regretful. We thank God for allowing us to care for and show my grandma how much we loved her every single day. She died peacefully in her sleep. She had a happy, full, and well-lived life. 

Eulogy for Lola:

I am Joselle and I am one of her 7 grand-daughters. 
Thank you for giving me the chance to speak in front of you today and share with you some few words to honor my Lola (grandmother) in behalf of her grandchildren. 

Actually words are not enough to describe my grandmother. 
To be honest, 2-3 minutes of honoring is too short as the memories we've shared were too many.   

But if I could sum up my grandma, I guess I would break it down to three things: 

Generous. My grandma is the most generous  and selfless person I know. 
Every dinner time, she would tell us with pride, over and over, stories of her past, her accomplishments, and it was truly inspiring. 
Her parents died at her early age thus as the eldest child, she took up the role of a mother and a father to her 6 younger siblings.
She made sure all of them finished school even if she had to sacrifice her own. 
She only finished 3rd year in college and chose to prioritize work to provide for her family.
My grandpa waited a long time until he got my grandma's hand cos her family came first before anything else.  
No doubt, she's also been generous to my family.
She unceasingly helped my mom financially in raising my sisters and I. 
One of her dreams and goals was to get us here in the US so we can have a comfortable life and so she filed a petition to get us here.
That took 16 years and we were all thankful to the Lord to be given the honor to give back everything she's done to us. Now, we all just pledged to be American citizens and we owe it to her. 
Thank you for teaching me the meaning of generosity and being responsible as an Ate (older sister).

Family oriented. Her family defined her existence.
She's at her happiest when she's surrounded by family.
She would all wait for us for dinner and welcome us with her pleasant smile when we arrive home from work or school.
She would do roll calls and would get disappointed when we don't come home early.
She would also always look for her brother and sisters and would be very happy everytime her siblings, relatives and friends pay her a visit. 
It's funny cos wherever she lived, whether in the Philippines, in New Jersey, or in Atlanta, there would always be family around. 
Until in her last days, she was and cared for by family. 
Nursing home was never an option.
There was a time when we were changing her diaper, she shyly uttered,
Sorry my dear if I was bothering you, and I replied, you deserved to be taken care of cos u were a good grandmother. 

Woman of faith. Each morning before I go off to work, I would see her with her prayer books and rosary. 
Sunday is her favorite day and happiest day of the week cos we would get together and would go to church altogether.  
When she was at the prime of her health, she would go to mass everyday.
Her faith was what made her into a beautiful and wonderful woman. 
My mom, myself, my sisters, my aunts and all of us would not become who we are today, if not because of her. 

You're my idol Lola for living well a full Christian life. Thank you Lola for inspiring me and leaving me with these legacies that I would forever keep in my heart. Our dear Lord, our Father, must be very delighted to welcome a saint in her kingdom. Till we meet each other again. I love you and I will miss you.

Alan, my husband's eulogy:

Lola Meding was the best grandmother-in-law one could ever wish for. Like Joselle said, she was the number 1 fan of our love team. I also heard she always asked Joselle when I would come back. I'm so sorry that I wasn't able to see her again. I wish I could have spoken with her one last time. Even if her body is now cold, I know that a part of her lives in Joselle and all of her siblings, children, and grandchildren. The moments that she would smile when we see eye to eye, I remember that similar smile in Joselle as well.