Sunday, March 10, 2013

Dear Lolo

Before my grandfather died, our family gathered around the ICU and was able to say our final words to him. This was what I whispered in his ear and at the same time, my eulogy for him which I would like to share.

Dear Lolo,

I am so blessed that I have a grandfather like you. 

I am very proud of how you provided for the family amazingly well.

I admire you for being so hardworking at work. 
They told us about how you juggled 2 jobs when you were younger. 
And at a very ripe age, still you were earnestly yearning to work as a volunteer for state elections.
I also admire you for being a faithful and a loving husband to Lola.
For sticking with her till the end despite of her random kasungitan to you.

I thank God for allowing us to know you and care for you in the last five years of your life.
We could not have survived financially without your help and I thank God for giving us the chance to give back and show you how grateful we are for all the help. 
Thank you for coming with me on my interview on my first job at Rolta.
You were my lucky charm. 
Thank you for giving me your Cadillac for my first year at work which made my commute convenient and allowed me to save up for my first car. 
Thank you for accepting Alan warmly and trusting to come solely with me to the Philippines on my wedding on 2011.
My list is endless and God knows how I am tremendously grateful for everything that you've done for us.

I will always remember our weekly Sunday brunch in your favorite Chinese restaurants after church, your nightly consistent check to the front and back doors to make sure they are all locked.
I will miss you around when we watch our favorite Filipino dramas at night. 
I will miss you asking me all the time everybody's last name and telling me that they're from Binan, Laguna. 
And I will miss your anticipation whenever you ask me when's Alan's next visit is.

Lastly, forgive me for nitpicking the food you eat just because we don't want your health to suffer.

When time comes you meet Jesus and God face to face, please pray and intercede for us, to continue to bless our family, to strengthen Lola, Tita Ida, Tito Butch and my mom especially in this time of grief, to bless Jovy, Jonah and Chris with their studies, to bless me and my husband in our marriage and bless us with healthy children. 

Thank you Lolo.

May you eternally rest in peace.

I love you so much!


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