Saturday, March 2, 2013

Lolo celebrates birth in the hospital :(

This morning, I thought of plotting a blog post in honor of one of the most special men in my life, my grandfather. It would be his birthday this Sunday, March 3rd. I had already collated in my mind all the happy and memorable thoughts we've shared. He was going to be the star of my blog and it was gonna be a good one. That was what I thought. 

In the evening, after some quality time spent with a girl friend of mine, my night was capped with a phone call from my sister while I was driving on my way home. She said "Lolo was rushed to the ER at Emory Hospital." My heart started to pound hard and my body started to shake. I was absolutely terrified by the news and the freezing weather didn't help at all. I rushed to the hospital immediately but got lost for a bit due to the restlessness of my heart and mind. I constantly prayed and prayed that it wouldn't be anything serious. That just like last Sunday, he only tripped and fell because he woke up in the middle of his sleep. No life and death situation kind of scenario. After all, there weren't any signs of discomfort nor pain from him at all. He got no complaints. He did fine all week. 

Anyway, I'm writing this blog because I decided to be the courier of the news. I am sure all of my Lolo's relatives across the globe are all worried for him so as much as I don't want to do this, someone has to break the news. 

He's in a very critical condition. 

What happened? That night, my aunt already tucked Lolo to bed. Everybody thought he was sleeping safe and sound. Then my aunt heard a loud sound that came from my Lolo and Lola's room. She hurriedly went down and was surprised to see my Lola sitting on the floor. My aunt initially seeked to help Lola cos she was the weaker between the two of them. Then my Lola spoke up and pointed to my Lolo that is lying flat on the wooden floor. Luckily, out of a burst of emotion and energy, my Lola at age 91 immediately thought of banging her walker hard against the wooden floor and that caught my aunt's immediate attention.

So according to my aunt, my Lolo lost consciousness and fell on the ground 'before or after' going to the bathroom. Not really sure. Then my aunt found them and she called everyone in the house for help. The scenario was pretty much just like in the movies. Jovy called 911. The operator instructed my uncle to do CPR and my aunt to do mouth to mouth resuscitation. Then he was put in an ambulance and was rushed to the ER. My mom described to me how he wasn't breathing, how cold and how pale he was. Just the thought of it makes me really break down. Poor Lolo :(

Now he's in the ICU with life support. For now, aside from our prayers and deep faith in God, that is his savior, which tries to pro-long his life until his youngest daughter, my Aunt Clair, arrives here probably on Monday. She took an emergency flight from Manila to Atlanta. I'm sure it's a trip that she's been dreading to happen. 

I'm not trying to break anyone's heart but the doctor said that there's really just a tiny bit of chance of survival. Even if his heart comes back to normal, the doctor said (and I hope I am conveying this correctly out of all the scientific terms mentioned) because his brain didn't get oxygen for like 25-30 minutes before he was taken to the hospital, his brain might not have survived. He had CT scan and they said the issue didn't come from the brain. The problem resulted from his heart. It just stopped beating. But again, we're not exactly sure yet. Will update you further next time. 

Right now he's in a coma. The nurse said, in her long time experience with patients with this case, they might be unconscious but they can hear the people around him. So I know for sure you're still with us and your soul is just wandering the lobbies of this hospital. (Sana po di kayo naligaw.) I have so much to say to you Lolo and will talk to you over and over until you get annoyed with me because we all want you to just wake up. It's your birthday tomorrow and we still want you around. Look at Lola, she's still here with us. As usual we will take you to a fine Chinese restaurant and will buy you lotto and scratch cards and get ready to scratch till you drop. 

We miraculously seek for your special mercy oh God! 

Look at his eyes all welled up. I'm pretty sure he can hear us and he's sad too cos we're all sad.


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