Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Don't bug him

My husband is ill and is on respite for 3 consecutive days. My poor guy caught a bug floating around somewhere. Nothing major really compared to the near-death-dengue virus he had last year. But still I couldn't help but be frantic.

I think from all that have been given to him, the acetaminophen, vitamin C, loads of rest, soup, care, love, and prayer, he should get better soon. I have a big hope in my heart that this too shall pass. And a big God that is good. 

Indeed, God is so good! Because the good news is Alan got a job! After a few amount of interviews here and there, a job offer finally came at hand. He's so happy to join the work force again. He just had enough time to finish all the TV series he brushed off on the side. Enough time to take care of my yummy breakfast. Enough time to train on household chores. And lots of time for prayer. His little daily routine goes something like this: breakfast, prayer time, job hunt, lunch, check emails, TV series, dinner, chores, prayer time. Before an onset of his career, the heavens gave him a break to focus and delight in the things that really matter- time for himself, for me, and for the Lord.

He starts next week and praying he'll get better before he goes off to work.

Hoping he recovers fully before our mini getaway to Savannah this weekend! I feel like it has been quite a while since our last wanderlust although this is not quite as long as I hoped for. This quick one will just have to do. It could just help me recover from the busyness of June and gear me up for what July has to offer.