Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tuesday Track

Before my husband went to bed, I sent him the link to the song below that put his mind and heart at peace. It's a heartwarming mellow song from Hillsong that just gives you the chills. I am just thankful for my cousin for leading me to this song on Sunday when we had our worship for Singles for Christ. I can't wait for the time where my husband and I would be singing and crying out loud songs of worship together! 

I was immensely touched by this song for the words and the melody. It's my favorite song from Hillsong from now on. Good job guys! God has really blessed these men with extraordinary talent and had moved so many hearts including mine. They're coming to Atlanta on Nov. 21st! Wish I could go! 

Now, the next tiny part is all mushy and it's okay if you wish to hit "x" button right now. Thought I should at least warn you. This song makes my eyes well up and my heart pound loudly every time I play this song. My husband and I have been abominably apart for almost 9 months now. I hope that gave you the idea. That's why we can totally relate to this song. Gratefully, we have found ourselves in the presence of our Savior where we find rest no matter how unsure or unknown our future may be. Our relationship, like any of those in LDR's, could be in a terrible mess right now, but it is sailing in the ocean serenely and smoothly. All thanks to the greatest captain of all, Jesus!      

Oceans (Where feet may fail)

Oceans (Where feet may fail) Live


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