Thursday, February 6, 2014

Dream Condo

It's been a month now since I had the chance to taste what it's like to live in a condominium. My husband booked a condo for us close to his office in Bonifacio Global City in Taguig when I went home to visit him for our 2nd year wedding anniversary last month. Oh can I just mention that we didn't know this condo was going to be hot and controversial right now? A Filipino celebrity was ruthlessly mauled by a group of men 5 floors below from where we stayed at. The Buzz!!! 

Anyway, I really had a great time living in a condo. I know it's weird but if I were to choose to live in either a big house or a small house, I prefer a small one. Here are some reasons why:

  • Smaller houses strengthens the bond of families. Why? Because there's always a 100% chance that you would bump into each other. In other words, there's no way you can hide! Lol.
  • Your weekends won't be wasted in cleaning and upkeep. Low maintenance.
  • Easier to move and pack things when relocation calls.
  • Bills are kept to minimum. Money goes to more enjoyable stuff like food and travel :)
  • AC/heater is felt more and again, when electric bill comes, you won't get hypertension. 
  • If you live in one of those skyscraper condos, waking up in the morning to a sunrise would be a treat and eating dinner with your spouse by the window, gazing through the city skyline makes you a star of your own rom-com movie. 
  • If you're lucky, some condos have cool amenities like a swimming pool, a basketball/tennis court and a gym so that's like a free membership to work out. 

For now, a tiny house is what I dream for me and my husband. No matter how small it may be, you can always try to make it as homey and as stylish as possible. Below are pictures of my peg condo loft which I found from a Filipino blogger crush, Patty Laurel and this got me day dreaming ealier at work. Sarap mangarap, buti nalang libre :)

I am sure there are also cons in living in condominiums and pros in living in bigger houses. Who knows, God might grant us plenty of children. Then, condo living might not be suitable in that case. 

Above all else, the most important thing I'm looking forward to our home is that it would be a place where our marriage would blossom, our kids would grow in love and faith, and our guests would feel Christ's presence within our humble abode. 


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