Monday, July 8, 2013

Good times!

Sometimes, it is a fact that, "best things in life come unexpected":) 

Let's get down to brass tacks. Friday night, a good old friend of mine invited me to dinner just out of the blue and we had a very meaty and positive heart to heart confabulation.  After dinner, she visited an old friend of hers back when she first joined Couples for Christ (literally old cos it was my grandma.hehe). Fortunately, my grandma's mood at that night was very pleasant and surprisingly, she remembered her! On the food, I had one of the best salmons ever that I've tried with baked quinoa. To complete the girls' night out, we toasted the night away with a glass of martini cocktail.   

at Pampas
Sunday night was yet another spontaneous date with my sister and my gorgeous cousins. Jovy and I thought of eating in this tonkatsu + ramen place cos I've been craving for tonkatsu lately for some reason, and surprisingly, one of my cousins asked me if we want to grab dinner with them at the same place. Great minds think alike ;) The specific tonkatsu I was craving for was the one I had in the Philippines and the place was called Yabu. When the server handed me my platter, in my head, I screamed "Yabuhooooo!" I was one happy girl for reaping an answered prayer! :D


Lastly, I just want to randomly inject this dish below. I love cooking brunch for the fambam on weekends and I was asked to do scrambled eggs on Saturday. To add some glam on it and make it tastier, I adventitiously thought of putting onions, spinach, tomatoes and milk which I want to call "not-your-ordinary-homemade-filipino-omelette." You should try it too. It's healthier and the real deal is, it's cheaper than going to IHOP! lol :D

Over all, good company + good conversation + good food = GOOD TIMES! Now I'm ready for another work week. I hope you had a good weekend too!


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