Sunday, July 14, 2013

Staycation in the Hospital

Friday nights are Joselle-Lola nights! Few more days and a love triangle will spur, Joselle-Alan-Lola night na! hahaha. Our household have rotations of people assigned to sleep and watch over Lola. This week, lola was sent back to Emory hospital because she was lethargic all over again and it was diagnosed that apparently, she had UTI for the nth time. Poor Lola. On Friday, I posted on Instagram that I checked in at the hospital for the night to attend to Lola. 

We love Emory. Lol. It's not that we want to be there all the time but because this hospital is the best one I've ever been to. It doesn't give me a feeling of a hospital, but a hotel. Their facilities are state of the art, their technology is quite advanced, definitely alcohol or chemical smell free, lobbies are huge, ample size of waiting areas with TV, large space for parking, cafeteria food is cheap but tastes good, they also have room service, so you can order food from your room, and my favorite, coffee and iced tea are free flowing! These factors made my overnight with lola enjoyable. 

Staff wise, the doctors are brilliant and nurses are fantastic. There are also quite a few number of Filipino nurses and those that were assigned to us made me really proud to be a Filipino. They've been so helpful, friendly, and hard working. Kudos to all the nurses all over the world!   

Saturday morning, after breakfast, I gave my lola a well deserved pampering. Above is a picture that I posted on Instagram of Lola getting her hair and facial treatment done by me. hihihi. I just simply used a no rinse soap on Lola's hair to take away the oil and make her hair smell nice. On her face, I wet a towel with hot water and exfoliated her face. After that, I put moisturizer on her face because sitting all day long in the hospital with cool temperature makes her skin dry. While I was massaging her face, she suddenly, ran her fingers through mine. Maybe, my face nostalgically reminded her of her youthfulness. hehehe :)

I ordered Lola New York Strip with mashed potato for lunch. Their steak tastes peculiarly good!

And a staycation is not complete without my travel essentials. hihihi. I love how all the rooms have hot showers. I was turning into a germaphobe gal as I was locked in Lola's room and I didn't want to catch any sickness also so a nice shower that day was glorious. 

Generally, I enjoyed my staycation with Lola. The doctors anticipate that she can be discharged Monday. I hope and pray so!

If may I share, my lola gave me a big twitch in my heart this morning. When the doctor and the nurses came in to check on her, she grabbed my hand and held me closer, and proudly told them this, "this is my granddaughter and I love her"! :D I love you too Lola! 

Also it broke my heart when she abruptly asked me when is she going to die. A question that no person has ever asked me before. She must be feeling a severe pain some where in her body and it hurts me to see her body crumbling. She's down to 98 lbs, she can't quite stretch her legs due to muscle pain, and when she poops, she must be abashed when she helplessly allow us and strangers to wipe her bum and genitals. Lola's very conservative and also she feels that she's a huge bother to us when she is definitely not. But also, she might have asked me that straight forward question because she's ready to go and be with God. I sensed in her that she indeed does not fear death because she knows she lived a good and full life, ready to be reunited with her maker. How fascinating! Only God knows when that day will come and as long as she's still gifted life to live, we'll take care of her the best we can. 

I hope every children/grandchildren may be inspired and  may have fervent desire in taking good care of their grandparents/parents. Hopefully, our kids will take care of me and their dad too. I hope you'll get to read my blog my future son and daughter. hehehe.

To conclude this post, while I was changing her diaper, she looked me in the eye and uttered a kind request, "gagawin mo din ito sa mama mo ha?" (you should do the same to your mom okay?). Till her last days, her concerns are only for the well being of the people she loves. What an awesome grandma and I'm blessed to have her.


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