Saturday, August 3, 2013

Photo Diary Savannah Day 1

Greetings from Savannah! What a tiring but explicitly fun day! I'm resting right now in our hotel with the fambam, and blogging while patiently waiting for all of my sisters to finish showering. Super tagal! By the time they're all done, I might also be done with this post. LOL

Anyway, yesterday, I'm so happy to finally be reunited with my most favorite older sister, Ate Joyce! Jan 2012 was the last time I saw her on my wedding back in the motherland. She's so blessed to be able to travel to the US for business and pleasure on the side all at the same time. Before she goes to her business convention on Wednesday in Utah, she decided to pass by and spend time with us in Atlanta. We'd like to thank her employer, USANA for giving her the chance to visit us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!  

Today is her first official day in Georgia and for her first stop, the fambam is off for the weekend to the oldest city in the state, Savannah, Georgia! Allow me to bombard you with pictures from our fun first day!

Photos below are from Lady and Sons, owned by one of the most popular and controversial chef from Food Network, Paula Deen. Southern food is their specialty and this is a must try restaurant especially for first time visitors. Actually, it's my second time to eat here (my family's never been) and for me, I didn't mind driving for 4 hours 'cause their fried chicken is long-drive-worthy :) I love their fried chicken the most and it's one of the best I have tried. I am not really hard to please when it comes to food. Chickenjoy lang masaya na ko. hahaha. Another star from this place is their super decadent peach cobbler! :)

After lunch, we walked around the cute and quaint city under scorching sunshine that really burned everything we ate and our skin as well. LOL 

At Riverfront. We took advantage of the beautiful scenery and snapped lots of photos!

Our home for the night, Marriott Courtyard Savannah Midtown. 

To be honest, we are not beach people, we are pool people! LOL. We might still go to Tybee Island/beach to eat brunch and do some sightseeing tomorrow though.

There you have it. I am beyond glad to have this not quite often opportunity to bond. Thank you Lord for allowing our family to be complete again and have some quality time together. Thank you for the gift of family!

Stay tuned for our Day 2. Now, it's time to recharge my camera, phone, laptop, and myself. hahaha. Good night loves!


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