Monday, August 12, 2013

Return of the Jedi!

This post is not about Star Wars, which is one of my hubby's fave movies by the way, that I tried watching but fell asleep half way through. hahaha. Anyway, the returning Jedi I'm referring to is none other than my husband. He's bound to be back tomorrow afternoon! :) So if you see a sleek black Camry zooming like a mad driver along 400 and I-85, you better watch out, you know who it is! I'm so excited to pick him up from the airport! 

The happiness I feel comes from the excitement of our family and friends and their anticipation of our reunion. Every time people ask me when he is coming back and when they tell me they're excited for us being together at last, it gives me a sense of joy and gratefulness of heart. Joyful to see other people happy for us and grateful for the warmth of their love and support in our relationship. Ibang level kapag lahat ng tao masaya para sa inyo! So thankful that we're surrounded with all positive and good people in our lives who love us dearly and are very supportive of us. 

Hopefully this is the last season of our long distance relationship episode. We're hoping and praying that it would be the last, but as I always say, whatever God wills for us, may it be done. We cannot complain cause God has been beyond kind and generous to us in so many ways. Also, the trials that He allowed to come our way felt like blessings in disguise. The time we were apart, made room for time to purify ourselves, tested our faith, and made room for time to get closer with the big boss up there. We also got the opportunity to give our family 100%  of our time and attention that they needed and we met good friends separately that we knew God gave us for a reason. I believe we needed more pruning here and there and purification too so that when we get back together again, we're ready to take any challenges that we are bound to face with the heart and mind of the Lord. Not only that, we got to focus more on our work and were able to save up well. The distance also made us long and appreciate more one another. As they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder. That said, I feel like we're so ready to face the next chapter of our lives, whatever that means! :) May it be a spring of a baby boy/baby girl, twins kaya (haha) being a mom/dad, new task in community/church, moving out to our own place, shift of career, we feel like everything is doable and possible as long as we're together and as long as it is for the glory and honor of God. How exciting, fun, and peaceful it is to live life, especially married life, in the fullness of Christ and under His divine blessing!

my husband's prayer before he left the house at 3 am

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