Friday, March 21, 2014

Spring Cleaning

Truthfully, I am guilty of having quite a few unnecessary baggage in my life. Useless, purposeless, inessential, baggage that brings no good results and furthermore weighs down my relationship with God. This lent, I'm giving up that baggage and surrendering it to Him. Instead of carrying them around, I decided to ditch them for a while. I can't promise that I can do away without them forever but this would help and would yield to something better. 

One spring time, I was looking for something in my closet and somehow I found myself cleaning up my entire closet. I threw away all the things that I no longer needed and boxed up some of them for donation. After putting away all the clutter, I was surprised to find an extra space in my closet. I didn't realize that I had that amount of unnecessary possession that took all that space. I also felt great cause my closet looked so much better and organized!

In my recent post, I talked about needless worry and that's one of emotional clutter that I learned and still trying to let go. Random Reflection #1

May it be material or emotional clutter, we've gotta learn how to let go and surrender it to God. We cannot do things on our own, but by His grace, we would be able to.  (John 5:30) Fortunately, for the Lord, no matter how messy and countless our clutter are, he loves us all the same. His saving grace is amazing! 

This lenten season or even spring season calls for a perfect opportunity to declutter our lives. 

Let's call it spring cleaning. Are you down for this?

By finding some quiet time with God in prayer, we can hear His message clearer. By letting go of unnecessary baggage, we can travel light and move with ease, we can simplify life and we can have more room for things that we need or are more important in life like peace, joy, and love.   

The rain bid goodbye while the sun chummily said hello.
The flowers are in bloom and the butterflies rejoice.
I rejoice too cause spring finally knock the door!
I love spring and the happiness it brings.

Happy first day of Spring!


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