Sunday, March 30, 2014

Wife's Prayer

I was so thankful to God for calling off our prayer meeting last night. Not because I loathe going to our weekly gatherings but it paved the way for me and my husband a time to sit down, spend time and talk through FaceTime aka a virtual date! Times like that that have become very rare recently. Since he went back to a full time job, our communication has slowly been on the ebb. When he arrives home from work, I would just reach our office and when I come home from work, he would just reach his office. The routine we've been miserably putting up with for half a year now has been like a dagger in my heart. 

A typical day text exchange:

Hubby: Hi Angel, tadaima! (I'm home)
Me: Hi Love, okaeri! (welcome home) How's your day?
Hubby: Exhausting
Me: Could you hold on a sec? I am working on a project.
After a few minutes...
Me: Still there?
Hubby: Sorry nakatulog ako (I fell asleep). Been a long day.
Me: Okay. Get some rest. Good night. Sweet dreams. 

Sometimes I wonder if I'm being the gracious wife God has designed me to be. There were times when I feel that I'm not worthy of my husband's love. When such vicious thoughts spur, I drown myself quickly in prayer and it magically goes away. I'm blessed that my husband has always given me an Agape kind of love. A love that is unconditional and unselfish. He knows why I cannot be with him yet and he understands. He doesn't force me to do things beyond my will and it's funny that he never uses the ever famous "wives submit to your husbands" bible verse on me. hehehe. I'm blessed that his fidelity is unquestionable and he would always tell me he cannot imagine to be with anybody else but me! 

Besides my husband, there's only one guy who mirrors this kind of love and He is the reason why our marriage strives continuously. He is no other than God through Christ, the center of our marriage. His mercy and grace for all is wondrous! Without Him, all these are impossible, trust me! 

Grace- treating others not as they deserve but as God wishes them to be treated- with loving kindness and mercy. -Don Schwager

Many times I have disappointed God but He's always been kind to me nevertheless. I give him plenty of excuses and justification of my sinful actions and yet I am showered gracious plenty of his provisions. 

God is so good and my love for Him just intensifies my love for my husband! As God anointed my husband to be the leader of our home, not only I have to love him but I also have to respect, honor, and delight in him as I love, respect, honor, and delight in the Lord. No matter how far, I try my very best to be the gracious and modest wife God designed me to be. By praying daily for him, somehow fulfill my role as a wife. I pray that the Lord directs his decisions and his plans according to God's will. More than praying for him to be successful, I pray that he would be successful in living in the glory of God too. If my man loves God, I know he will love me more than I could imagine.  

So last night ended well. We had fun catching up, didn't notice how late we stayed video chatting and I kept him till I fell asleep. We prayed together and he sweetly sung me a lullaby as I melted into my dreams. Nothing in the world feels so comforting than in the arms of my husband. Cannot wait to be in his arms physically soon! Thankful for another answered prayer! Stay tuned! :)

The husband of a good wife is a fortunate man; he will live twice as long because of her. A fine wife is a joy to her husband, and he can live out his years in peace. A good wife is among the precious blessings given to those who fear the Lord. Whether such men are rich or poor, they will be happy and always look cheerful. ~Sirach 26: 1-4

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