Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Fernandezes in Japan: Tokyo Day 2 Part 1

We were pretty tired of walking the streets of Shinjuku the day before so we left our baggage in the coin locker overnight and just went straight to the hotel. Then early morning, I went to get our bags from the locker in the station. 
On my way, I passed by a convenience store and bought katsu sando (tonkatsu sandwich) and calpis for Joselle. Although it was just from the convenience store, she liked the sandwich very much and craved for more. And when I asked her what she wanted to eat in Tsukiji Market she said, Tonkatsu!
And so our food trip began. We met our friend Hiro in Tsukiji market and he acted as our tour guide for half of the day. We were communicating by the Line app and I had told him what we wanted to eat. 
By the way, another tip if you are planning to visit Japan: get a mobile internet SIM card. Internet in Japan is so fast and reliable that it is worth it to pay the 3,500 yen or so for your cellphone or tablet. You can get a communications, map, and information tool wherever you go. My sister got it at while I got mine from Yodobashi Camera in Osaka, Umeda station.
Anyway, Hiro was able to look for a tonkatsu place while we were getting lost in the subways of Tokyo. So when we arrived, we went straight to the restaurant. As expected, the food there was great. The shrimp tempura was so big that it looked like a lobster. The tonkatsu was also juicy and crisp that I wanted to go back for more. Too bad it wasn't eat-all-you-can.

After lunch, we went around Tsukiji market and the outside strip. We ate tamagoyaki or sweet egg rolls, bought tea, and taste test some food that we had never eaten before. I was especially intrigued by the shark meet bacon. I wasn't able to taste it though.
Unfortunately, it was raining again, so after a quick round of the market, we decided to go to a roofed place. And that place we decided to go to was Roppongi Hills, known as the high end mall of Tokyo. Joselle had her eyes on a beige coat as she observed that every so called OL or office lady in Tokyo was wearing it. However, it was too expensive there, so we just window shopped and passed through, promising Joselle that she could buy her coat elsewhere.

(Joselle: I've never seen a wet market this clean and there's no bit of fishy smell I swear! It's even drizzling on the day we went but no marks of mud anywhere. The perishable goods were neatly arranged and the street food were well showcased. There were no signs of flies and rodents also. Only in Japan! My mind was blown once again by this country.) 

On the way back to the subway, we were greeted by the famous spider object. The giant gundam statue from the famous anime used to be there too, but unfortunately it was already taken away. So we decided to go to Akihabara, the mecca of Japanese subculture, to see Gundam in Gundam cafe...

...To be continued in Part 2


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