Monday, December 29, 2014

Alan and Joselle Turn 3

Today is our third year wedding anniversary!!! December 29, 2011 was the day I received the biggest and most undeserved favor from the Lord. It's the day I married my husband and my husband chose to be with me forever. Three years had passed, although apart, we cruised through it smoothly and still head over heels in love with each other, for that I'm most thankful! 

I know I've failed many many times as a wife but my husband never made me feel like a failure. Couple of weeks ago, I got one of the biggest scare of my life. My husband was rushed to the hospital and diagnosed with dengue and I felt terrible cos I was not by his side to take care of him. Thankfully he recovered well and he's now back in shape just in time for the Christmas' festivities. During his illness, he never blamed me for not being there to nurse him and he keeps on telling me not to worry about him. Just me thinking of him to get well was enough for him. I really am blessed to have found such a nice guy and lucky to be loved by him beyond my imperfections.    

Next year and the coming years, babawi ako! I promise to make up for all my shortcomings. In 3 years, God had given us ample time to purify and make ourselves a better husband and wife. I've learned so many things on how to improve myself as a wife. I made so many mistakes that I will try not to do again. I can't promise to be perfect, but I will try the best I can to love, submit, and honor my husband perfectly as I promised the Lord. 

To you my dear Alan, thanks for holding on to our promise and sticking with me through out these years. I can't wait to finally see you and be with you for good, real soon! The best is yet to come! Oh yes! :) 

Happy 3rd wedding anniversary my love! Mwah! :)



  1. Both of you look like made for each other. After watching this pic of yours I couldn’t stop remembering my grandparents who were in love with other like you are. Even they hosted vow renewal ceremonies every four or five years to celebrate years of togetherness!