Saturday, January 10, 2015

Prenup Shoot At Home

30+ years from now, these are the photos that we will show our children and grandchildren and say: "Look at how young, skinny, and good looking your Lolo and Lola used to be." hahaha. 

These were taken a few days prior to our wedding three years back. Our wedding photographer, Redscale, asked us if we were interested to do a prenup photo shoot and they were willing to do it free of charge. Thanks to our best man who is a good friend of our photographer :) What I liked about them was they weren't intruding and were very respectful of our ideas. So we huddled and brain stormed of where we could best shoot and we couldn't think of a better location than in our hometown in the Philippines, Scouter Ojeda.

I've seen quite a number of engagement photos with interesting concepts. Some were shot in a beach, while some in a country side, all glammed up with cute props. All of them seemed nice because you can never go wrong with the beauty of mother nature. However, for us, we wanted to capture the memoir of our love story. We weren't too concerned about the view or how glamorous our picture will turn out. Plus both of us were on a budget so we knew that traveling out of the city would costs quite more so we kept it pretty low key. The only thing we paid for was everyone's lunch. It was a no stress and super duper chill day. Very at home. haha. 

Just to give you a brief history, our love story all started in Ojeda. I live right next door to Alan inside a compound. We were neighbors and God probably pats me in my back for I was obedient to his command of loving thy neighbor :P I would either go to their house and hung out with his younger sister, who was my best friend or have some adult talk with his Lola Charing who kept heaps of wisdom. As time passed and perhaps because I was the only girl he would meet (outside of his family) regularly, his feelings for me grew fonder ;) One thing I liked about meeting Alan at his home was I witnessed the way he behaved towards his family, even to their household helpers, full of respect and love. There's a saying that goes, "the way a man treats his mother/sister, is the way he'll treat his wife. I knew he'd treat me well because he's a gentleman to the ladies of their home. 

I miss the good old times we had in their ancestral house. We would play computer games, sing karaoke, watch movies, get together for birthdays, Christmas and New Years. All of those were nothing but happy memories that drew us closer and led our love to blossom. 

Soon, Alan is going to leave his beloved home too, but we would always have a nice souvenir which are these photographs and the memories in our hearts. 



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