Sunday, January 25, 2015

Friday Group

From 2008 till today, my Fridays have been blocked out for the community of Couples for Christ. Through this, I've met people that became a big part of my life. It amazes me how God allows me to meet people I would never be able to sit down or hang out with. Because of this community, I gained many beautiful friendships, wonderful memories, deeper wisdom, challenges that turned into blessings, and most importantly, closer relationship to the Lord. 

When I was still single, my vivid memories of Fridays were so delightful. It's the day I looked forward the most. After work, I would hurriedly and eagerly go and see my friends in Singles for Christ. We would meet and pray together, if not watch movies, and would just end a stressful work week in a refreshing, and positive note. When I got married, of course, I transitioned over to a household for couples which blessed me with so many teachings and wisdom that equipped me spiritually as a wife and helped me set my priorities. All of them have been married for so many years which inspired me to strive to have a marriage not only long lasting but meaningful as well.  

This year, I had to say goodbye to my prayer group (Family Ministry) of 3 years and be part of another. That's the only way you would be able to grow and meet more people that God will allow you to touch and be touched by them. So often it astonishes me how God is so all knowing and how His timing is so perfect. On our recent Christian Life Program, our community gained a group of 5 young couples (1 soon-to-be married and 1 in a LDR) and they are all fairly newlyweds, without kids yet! It's just amazing how magically and timely our paths have crossed. God is on the ball and knew that we needed a support system to guide us and bless us as we journey to a new chapter of our lives. All of us are mostly in the same boat and would be able to relate to one another. In a couple of weeks, my husband would be joining me and I couldn't wait for him to meet them! I can just imagine right now how fun it would be if all of my sisters and I would get pregnant at the same time. :) 

I strongly feel that these people will be a part of my life for a very long time and I'm grateful. Our values, our principles and our goals seem to agree. We want nothing but the best for our marriages and for our future children. We want to fight a worldly culture of today and prove that marriages that have been sanctified by God can withstand any trials and that can last a lifetime. We love the Lord and we desire to serve Him in all possible way. Our friendship would always be deeply rooted in love, kindness, respect, joy, forgiveness, encouragement and Christlikeness. Those are what set this Friday group apart from the rest.

First household meeting for 2015 

Celebrated and honored the January babies 

Cake baked with love by our sister, Helen 
Frances and Katrina
Ton and Leah
Nina and Roland

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