Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Ferns in Louisiana

In celebration of Valentines and our momentous reunion, we took a trip, just the two of us, to Louisiana! Alan's timing was perfect for the Mardi Gras festival. We knew it's going to be crazy but you can only be crazy when you're young so we braved it!  

Alan knows that one of my dream destinations is France and the French Quarter is the closest thing we could go to for now. The architecture has a lot of European influence.

St. Louis Cathedral

Jackson Square

Unintentionally captured this lovebirds kissing by the Mississippi River. 

New Orleans is a mecca of arts! 

It is also the home of the king of jazz, Louis Armstrong.

Harvested tons of colorful bead necklaces from the Mardi Gras parade. 

 I'm totally buying one of these automatic lazy boys instead of a wheelchair for my senior years. LOL

And of course, the highlight of our every trip, FOOD!!!

Right after we got out of the airport, we looked for a place to grab a quick bite and passed by Chicken Shack. I've been to Shake Shack, Seafood Shack, but didn't know that a Chicken Shack exists!! For fried chicken lovers like me, this is a treat!

Alan tried their gumbo.

LA is one of the states that has great seafood like oysters! 

A Po Boy is short for Poor Boy. It's a sub sandwich that consists of usually fried seafood or meat in a french bread. I've never had an oyster and neither a Po'boy and I'm glad I had my first in NOLA! No doubt I would come back for this!

The star of Johnny's Po'boys is their Shrimp Po'boy.

Alan raved about their Roast beef Po'boy.

For Valentine's day dinner, Alan and I dined at The Three Muses Jazz bar along Frenchmen Street recommended by our friend Ping and Maria. 

A night couldn't be more romantic than with a serenade by an in house Jazz band.

For breakfast, we woke up early to get these famous square sized donuts covered in powdered sugar called "beignet". Cafe Du Monde is the most popular place you could get these while sipping their warm cafe au lait. 

I'm not much of a fan of alcohol but I like sweet cocktails like this, Hurricane. It's a popular drink served in NOLA. 

We also visited Louisiana's capital, Baton Rouge.  I was so thrilled when I saw this hotel that just exudes elegance. Super pogi points to my hubby! It's called L'Auberge Casino Hotel. There's a casino which if you play for 30 mins, you get to eat in their amazing buffet for free!! Their buffet showcased a wide array of LA's cuisine. Felt like we tried all the food that this state has to offer. It delights me to no end knowing my husband is gastronomically adventurous like me.  

They have a TV behind this mirror. No kidding!

Crab all you can!

A mouth watering cajun style shrimp and tilapia.

The struggle is real dude!

I'm pretty pleased with our trip to Louisiana, my 15th state to visit. Even more so because I'm with my favorite travel buddy, Alan. I am still incredulous of the fact that he's here. Everything is just surreal. Thank you Lord! 


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