Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Happy Campers

I'm sharing with you our little adventure to Fort Yargo in Winder, GA for the Couples for Christ Family Ties Camp. It was our first time to camp out together and spend 2 nights in the middle of the woods. To be honest, we weren't planning to go because we lack camping equipment. However, God made it possible. We were invited by our household head couple to stay in their 2 bedroom tent and my uncle loaned us their airbed. We are so blessed to be surrounded by the generosity of family and friends. Our main goal for the weekend was to serve in the music ministry (grateful that Alan has a servant-heart too). Perhaps when our intentions are pure and pleasing to the Lord, He will find a way to make things work. :)

This nature-loving event was made possible with the help of the CFC GA Family Ministry to help strengthen families' bonds. Nowadays, because of our busy schedules, constant plugging in to our smartphones and social medias, kids' simultaneous activities, we miss to give ample time for our families. For two days, we had the chance to unplug, slow down and dedicate our time in bonding with our loved ones. 

Camping out in a tent can be quite a challenge especially for newbie campers like us and rainy weather. Whenever Alan and I travel, we choose to stay in decent hotels so we could have a good sleep and shower. However, this camp taught us how to be flexible. Perhaps we could do back packing next! ;P You cannot always get what you want especially on things that you don't have control of like the weather. It rained a lot on that weekend but being flexible means being able to emotionally adjust and take things positively. To help us adjust to the situation, we prepped our minds that we weren't there to rest and relax but we went because we committed ourselves to serve and sing in our music ministry. Serving the Lord could decrease focus on ourselves and increase our love for Him and other people. Serving our brothers and sisters in the community through the music ministry always gives me a sense of fulfillment especially when I see their faces light up, their eyes water in tears and their hearts moved by the spirit through our songs of praise and worship. 

Despite the rain, suppressed shower times, early morning call times, less sleep, jam packed activities, cluelessness in camping, our music ministry team won the "Happy Campers" award and "Best in Chant!" We really enjoyed our first solid time camping and we would do this again.    


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