Monday, June 8, 2015


You know how one event can bring you back in time? Here's mine.

I grew up in a tropical country which is hot with abundant sunshine and humidity. I love taking cold showers everyday especially at the end of each warm, toasty day after playing Chinese Garter, Ten Twenty and Patintero with my friends. However, in early dawn mornings before going to school, cold baths were dreadful. From most of the houses we lived in (we used to move a looooooot) there were no showers built in.  At one house, I remember being excited at the thought of having a shower even without a heater installed. As a little kid, it felt like showering in the rain which I playfully enjoyed doing. A water heater was not one of our major concerns back in the day until we moved here in the US. Try taking a cold shower in winter time and you'll know what I mean. 

Shower in my dreams

Saturday night, we found out that our carpet floor in the basement by our closet area was drenched in water. I thought water from upstairs leaked. I hurriedly took our clothes away and reached for the wall. It was dry. We then came to find out that it was the water tank situated in the basement next to our room that had major issues. I was just glad that it was not water from the toilet (ewwww). So we had to shut it off. We were advised that the heated showers won't be functional for a few days while waiting for the replacement tank but the toilet and sinks were usable. Thank goodness! :)

In times like these, good thing we have tabo (dipper) and palanggana (bucket) at home! I bet you will find tabo in every Filipino houses. Haha. This morning, I filled up 2 palangganas with cold water, heated water from an electric kettle and poured it right into the cold water which resulted in a lukewarm-ready-for-bath-water. I felt like I was home. I felt like the child that I was growing up in Manila. I am happy to realize that I am still the same person, only a few pounds heavier and with more responsibilities. Cheers to the familiar feeling of it all.

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