Saturday, June 20, 2015

Selfless Soul

I woke up in the crack of dawn to get ready for work. I arose from my bed earlier than usual. My younger sister asked a favor from me to drive her to her internship as her "carpool buddy" is on vacation. With a cheerful heart, I agreed cos that's what families do. They lovingly help each other :) Her office is further than mine so we had to leave an hour earlier than my usual time. I informed my husband about this the night before and to my delight, he responded, "I'll drive you both to work." :)

Lunch time came and my husband asked me to go out to eat. On weekdays, I really don't go out for lunch and I always bring my baon (packed lunch)with me to work to save money and unwelcomed calories. So going out to eat in the middle of work is such a lovely treat. Off we went to this cute tiny place across the street, called Tuscany Cafe. This little cafe is delightfully charming with a European ambiance. Relatively the prices were not so cheap so Alan and I decided to order one meal and split it because 1. we're conscious of our spending 2. the portions were huge 3. I didn't want to go back to work sleepy after eating a big meal. I was craving for pasta and a steak and fries for him. Both of us wanted two different orders. I know how my husband loves his steak and thought it would be a nice treat for him for waking up so early in the morning so I told him he can get the steak and I'll just have some soup.  So this gracious waiter came up and Alan told him, "can we get the Fettuccini Bernadette and Mushroom soup please". I was touched that he gave up his steak and went for what I wanted. 

I know Alan has always been shy when I post things about him but this is my blog. Sorry my love but MY RULES. hahaha. I never let a single small act of selfless love unappreciated and most especially, the big ones. My husband proves to me many times over and over that he's more than willing to give up everything for my sake. Apart from Christ, I've never met a man so selfless who will treat me highly before himself. A guy who will give up his work in a reputable international bank back home and take his chances in the US and be with me. A guy who will spend half of his fortune to marry me. A guy who will give up his favorite thing to pave the way for what I want. He just fascinates me every single day. I'm greatly blessed for his selfless heart beats for me. I couldn't be any luckier. I'm just infinitely grateful and in awe of how God molds this fella everyday in His image and likeness.


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