Tuesday, April 19, 2016

13 weeks

I am so glad our little angel and I breezed through the first trimester! I thank the Lord that I was spared from morning sickness, nausea, food/smell aversion, spotting and cramping. This little one inside of me is truly an angel. Never had she/he made mommy feel awful. The only thing I had to struggle with was sleepiness and exhaustion. One of the early symptoms I had was falling asleep early at night and taking longer naps on the weekends. It was such a struggle keeping my eyes up during work especially in the afternoon. But now that I'm over the first trimester, I'm starting to feel like myself again!

On cravings, I didn't have any crazy cravings. I think between my husband and I, he's the one whose craving a lot. haha. I just like to eat healthy for our baby. I try to eat fruits and vegetables more. I try to keep my snacks healthy too (eg. yogurt, toast, nuts, granola bars). I have been trying my best to avoid food that offers no nutritional value like chips, processed food, soda, etc. Also I switched to drinking milk and stopped having coffee and tea because they make me run to the bathroom like crazy. Although this weekend, I treated myself for a bit of comfort food to celebrate the end of my first trimester!

Food trip at Ponce City Market
My tummy is already showing as my uterus has grown in size. From the size of a blueberry when I first found out, my baby has now grown to a size of a peach according to the baby app (what to expect). However, I don't have a decent bump yet. I just look like I'm bloated. I couldn't fit into my regular pants anymore so I'm living in my leggings and loose tops. So far, I haven't bought any maternity clothes yet. The only thing I've bought in my early weeks was a bellaband! It's a basic maternity band designed to hold up unbuttoned pants and no one has to know. It's pretty much like a spandex camisole although it fits right from your belly through your waist. No need to buy maternity pants. Lifesaver! Now that it's starting to warm up, I'll probably switch to maxi skirts and dresses soon. Also, since my belly is starting to stretch out a bit, I bought a pregnancy oil to avoid/reduce appearance of stretch marks. It also aids my belly from drying and itching. (thanks to YouTube for these pregnancy tips and must-haves!)

I had my first ultrasound on week 7 and that's when we had our first glimpse of our little angel. We also got to hear his/her heartbeat! On our next visit, I had my pap smear and blood work done around week 11 and everything was normal. We also heard the heartbeat again from a fetal doppler. It was music to our ears every time we heard the baby's heartbeat. Made me want to buy a at-home fetal doppler!

This pregnancy makes me more affectionate and cuddly to my husband. I don't know why but I just like smelling him, hugging him, kissing him more (sorry TMI!). I'm thankful I don't have mood swings either. Speaking of my husband, he's been so great in taking care of me and our little angel. He lovingly checks up on me at work everyday. He runs to the grocery store to buy my needs. He eagerly goes with me on every doctor's appointments. And most importantly, each day and each night, he blesses us and covers us with prayers (Numbers 6:24-26). Little angel, you are so blessed to be loved by an amazing daddy!

Saying hello to the 2nd trimester! Praying that baby will continue to grow healthy and that this pregnancy will stay calm and easy. 6 months to go. Till next time.


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