Monday, August 22, 2016

The Ferns Maternity Photoshoot

When my dear friend Jen Evangelista-Cruz offered me a very special gift, a maternity photo session with her husband, AP Cruz, my jaw just dropped. I have seen first hand AP's talent and passion in photography and I became one of his fans instantly. To be offered such a marvelous gift was such a huge honor. I thank the Lord for my friends' thoughtful and generous hearts-hearts that always bring happiness and joy to others. 

We shot at McDaniel Farm Park, 3 mins away from our apartment. A park I didn't even know existed until our friends Jeanette and Mike told us about it. It's a historic farm turned into a public park. The place had a rustic feel and every corner was so picturesque. It was a perfect place for photo shoots! We checked the weather forecast and it was going to rain that day. Thankfully, the rain didn't show up until we finished shooting. I was up at 6 am and did my own hair and make up and tried dolling myself up so we can catch the sunrise. I'm glad we got a glimpse of the sun but the rest of the day was breezy and cool.  

I've read somewhere that the best time to do maternity shoots is at 7 months of pregnancy. Mommy is not too bloated and can still actively glide around with only minimal discomforts. And that was true! I was glad that I was able to move around without any problems, I was able to climb up the hills, managed to situate myself in the middle of a gushing creek, and was able to just be on my feet for 3 hours.

AP has a very artistic eye. He let us look at the raw photos from his camera after the shoot and on every scroll, we were left with "awww", "wow", "uh-mazing", "beautiful", "nice". Those raw photos didn't even need editing. That's how good he was. As a photographer, AP was easygoing and fun to work with. Alan and I have one signature pose, and that's a big smile with a peace hand sign. hahaha. We are amateurs when it comes to photo shoots so I told AP we just wanted a very relaxed, bright and cheery session. Less of serious poses and more of we-just-want-to-be-our-goofy-selves kind of poses. He was able to achieve it! Special thanks as well to his gorgeous assistant, his wife, Jen. She had so many cute ideas and suggestions on how to make the pictures look good, from the props to the blocking, to how our hair looked. The two of them make a great team! Both of them are nurses and does photography on the side. They also do weddings, engagements, family portrait and even newborn/kids photo shoots! For bookings and inquiries, visit AP's facebook page: or email him at

I'm flattered and my heart is so full by all the kind compliments I get from my friends and family on how pregnancy looks good on me. After I've seen AP's pics, I now believe it! lol. I think I radiate a pure joy! A joy like no other. A joy that only God can satisfy. A joy of becoming a mom.  So now let me share with you some of our maternity pictures to inspire all you moms out there and those dreaming to be moms someday. 


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