Tuesday, October 4, 2016

37 Weeks

We have reached the final stretch of what to me has been a wonderful and gentle pregnancy journey. In any day now, we will finally see our little bundle of joy. I have been waiting for the day that my eyes will meet hers. That my skin will touch hers. To hear her cry for the first time and know she's alright. All of these and more won't be a dream anymore but a reality. Soon. In just a few days.

Also, in just a few days, our lives will be changed forever. The "just the two of us" will be non-existent. For a while, our travels, date nights and other spontaneous activities will have to be put aside. Here comes the sleepless nights, the gazillion nappy changes, the taxing breast feedings and all other mundane tasks I hear from other parents. Believe it or not, they don't scare me at all. I am blessed I have the best partner in the world to share these responsibilities with. And there's confidence in me that God will give us strength to endure.

In just a few days, I will find myself lying in a hospital bed. With epidural or without, I just pray that baby and I will be safe. From all the birth stories I hear from other moms, I realize that whether you have a birth plan or not, your plans won't always pan out as you hoped for. So I will just hold on to God's goodness and allow Him to control my labor and delivery.

A new title awaits me. In just a few days, I will be a MOM... officially! I wonder what kind of mom I will be? A cool mom? A helicopter mom? Or a stage mom? Perhaps, like being a wife, I will eventually figure it out as I go along. Even if I don't turn out to be the best mommy in the world, I hope she will feel the love and the care I have for her is my absolute best. If I won't be able to give her material things, I hope she won't lack of every good character. Like what my mother-in-law always reminds us, to not spoil her too much even though we know it will be hard not to. The thought of bringing her to her first ballet class thrills me already. I'm sure she'll be so cute twirling in a tutu. In the academics department, I know there will be loads of pressure. But I hope she gets her daddy's scholarly attitude and humble intelligence. I know it must be silly to think this far out in advance. She's not even out in the world yet. lol. This mama basically woke up and felt like she just had to let her thoughts and aspirations out. The opportunities that await you are aplenty, my dear daughter! Just know that your dad and I will always be here to support you and guide you in all your life's choices!
To all of you who are reading this, thank you all so much for being part of this journey! We're so grateful for all your kind words and all your support. Thank you all for showering us with gifts and baby's needs! The 3 baby showers we had were absolutely amazing and we're so grateful to be surrounded by indulgent family and friends. Your generosity is unbelievable! We definitely feel so blessed than ever knowing that you are all as joyful and as excited as we are in having this baby. We overwhelmingly feel the Lord's goodness through all of you. 

Our journey to pregnancy will end soon, but our journey to parenthood will begin in just a few days! I cannot wait to write down our little family's stories and share them with all of you.


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