Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Journey To The Golden State

I've been so busy lately I haven't had a chance to blog about my trip to California. As all of you may know, my hubby and I have been finally back together and we've still been catching up and filling in all the lost time. Consequently, I could hardly find time to write these days but I do believe if there's a will, there's always a way:)

Mr. and Mrs. Fernandez back together after 5 months!

Anyhow, the primary reason why I went to Los Angeles, CA was to attend the National Conference of Singles for Christ (SFC). This time I went not as an individual but with my hubby as proxy SFC couple coordinators to represent and guide our Georgia household (group). Each year, the entire congregation of SFC, single men and women, in the U.S. gather for 3 days to heed to exceptional talks from brilliant speakers, to sing and dance to worship songs and to meet and be inspired with other SFC's. It has been always great to go to this kind of conference and to see how God works through the hearts of young men and women. I was once an SFC and I couldn't be more proud and blessed to have been a part of it.    

soon-to-be Georgia SFC Couple Coordinators 
with Bro. Tat (GA Chapter head) Keith Rivera (SFC) and Mike (former GA SFC)

The conference was not only spirit-filled, it was fun as well! I'm so glad my hubby made it! We got to explore Cali together which was super nice. I am a happy wife again. Also, I got to see my dear old friends (former SFC's from Georgia) as well as meet new friends from other states. My facebook friend list is getting bigger. LOL. 

with bff Mike Bautista (former GA household head)
with bff Ate Beng (first GA household head)
with Benjie (SFC SoCal) 
with Allan Gonda (SFC SoCal)
SFC Georgia and New York

We had a party on Saturday night called "Roaring 20's". We travelled back to the 1920's and I dressed up as a flapper.  

After the conference, it was time to explore and enjoy California! Luckily, I got to take off 3 days from work. The first thing I looked for after the conference was Jollibee! I know it's funny but I just love Jollibee's Chickenjoy (mababaw ang kaligayahan). I also had it before we leave Atlanta. Hehe. I finally tried also the very popular In-N-Out Burger. One of my friends suggested that I try the Animal Style Burger and Fries, and to my surprise, I loved it. I am not a fan of burgers really, however, I can make an exception for In-N-Out. 

Jollibee ChickenJOY!

In-N-Out Animal Style

Then my friend Mike Bautista and Allan Gonda, brought us to Hollywood! Yay! 

... And to Santa Monica Beach! I love everything in Santa Monica. The beautiful sunset, the breeze, the street shows, the sand, the Pacific Ocean, the mini amusement park by the pier, the scenery, everything is picturesque! 

For dinner, we had korean barbeque at K-town! My favorite!

The next day, Alan and I visited his aunt and his cousins in Anaheim, an hour away from L.A. They live in a beautiful house with their dog, Colby! 

Tita Beng's home sweet home and Colby!

We became like kids again and went to Knott's Berry Farm, the very first theme park in America.

They took us to Downtown Disney and treated us to dinner at Rainforest Cafe. 

Simon, Tita Beng, Celine, and Alan

Dinner at Rainforest Cafe in Downtown Disney

The following day, we went to Universal City Walk, had lunch at Chef's Wolfgang Puck's bistro, had coffee at Coffee Bean which I think is so much better than Starbucks, walked around, took pictures, and watched a movie (Bourne Legacy) at AMC because we got a free movie ticket from parking. Sweet!

Universal Studios Hollywood
Lunch at Wolfgang Puck Bistro
I love Coffee Bean!

For dinner, we met up with SFC New York and L.A. and had dinner at Ate Beng's fave Thai place in L.A., Sri Siam. We also had coffee and dessert afterwards at Cafe Mak in Korea town. The night was well spent in catching up, in great laughter, and in making good memories of friendship. Good times!

(Left to Right) Grace, Me, Ate Beng, Keith, Billy, Alan, Mike, and Paolo

All in all, SFC Conference, family, friends, good food, good weather, California,  just doesn't get any better than this! We absolutely had a great time. 

For next year, SFC conference will be in.......... LAS VEGAS! Hope to see you there! (:


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