Friday, August 24, 2012

Big day!

Number of days till Joselle and Alan meet= 0!

Today is the big day! I can't contain my joy and excitement so I thought this special moment before we meet is going to be in my blog! Last night, I slept late as I had to prepare a lot of stuff before my flight to LA. As ashamed as I could be I have to admit I am a last minute packer. So I ended up going to bed at 1 am and had to wake up at 6 am to go to work. My flight is not till 7 pm but I'm crossing my tiny fingers that I make it on time despite the Friday rush hour. Hope I didn't leave anything behind. Here's a picture below that I took via Instagram. That's my well put together luggage. They say that I pack and organize well. That's a gift! hehe. 

The pink bag is my favorite toiletry bag. (Target)
The blue Clinique purse is for my accessories. (Mike's gift)
The black sequined purse is for my make-up. (Forever 21)
The bag which has a bra picture is obviously for my lingerie. (I suggest you keep your lingerie in a bag or keep it hidden in one of the compartments of your luggage so when the airport security request to check your things, it won't be too embarrassing). That's a gift from my dear cousin, Kristine.
And all of my clothes and shoes are below.

Now, Let me show you what's inside my hubby's luggage. He posted this via Instagram too.

Suitcase full of Filipino snacks and noodles! Hahaha. Those are pasalubong (gifts) from our family and from him. Thank you guys! Love you all!

On my next blog, I will give you more updates on our reuniting and more of LA escapades! Plus our SFC conference! 


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