Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Angel Food Smoothie

It's the first day of August! For my first post this month, I want to blog about something different, light, and refreshing. So I thought I'd post about a recipe today. It's my favorite snack whenever summer rolls around and also it is something I love to have after working out (and my husband's too). It's my home-made Angel Food Smoothie.

I got the idea from a local smoothie store beside the gym I used to go to before. Sometimes, working out can suck all the energy you've got so we need a booster that can pick us back up. I think I paid around $4 + tax for a small sized cup and I thought if I just make this myself, I can save money and I can feed my folks as well. By the way, my lola loves smoothie too!

So I went to the grocery store yesterday and found a pack of fresh strawberries on sale, around $2. Bananas cost half a dollar per pound. And the rest of the ingredients like milk, sugar, and crushed ice are always available at home. Oh, and I also added a piece of mango for a Filipino twist. It's fun playing and experimenting with fruits!

In the Philippines, smoothies are popularly known as shakes and are available everywhere and they're cheap! Our country is truly blessed and abundant with all kinds of fruits. I miss home.

Anyway, all you need is a blender and all you have to do is combine the ingredients all together. That easy! It has its health benefits too. Try it and let me know if you have other recipes you wish to share with me. Maybe I'll do avocado next? My fave! (:



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