Thursday, August 16, 2012

Book 1: The First Years Together

When it comes to books, I always love reading Christian and inspirational books! The very first one I read if I can remember was “The Purpose Driven Life” book that I got as a present on my 18th birthday. Remember how that book got so popular in the Philippines at one time so I was so thankful to get a copy for free!! That book ginormously made a huge impact in my life as it started to make me realize and understand my ultimate purpose in life. At 18!!! And up until now, reading inspirational books uplifts me and inspires me to no end. Including inspirational blogs!

In my younger years, I was really not fascinated in reading. For me, it was a dreadful chore! After school and doing my homework, I would prefer watching anime and dramas than to read. I’ve never enjoyed digging to more books aside from my school books. However, to my surprise and for the love of the movie, I finished 7 chunky books of Harry Potter. I can say I got my fiction fix for my entire life. Lol. Also, I was addicted to Nicholas Spark's romantic novels and other feel good books. In other words, I was only selecting what I'd like to read because the books were at its primetime.

As we grow up, we change and in the spirit of growth and maturity, I search for reading materials that would help me grow as a person and would improve myself. Sometimes, I don’t even have to search because they would just literally pop out in front of me and surprise me. Like God would tell me discreetly, “Joselle, at this point of time in your life, you might want to read and learn this.” So God teaches me by showering me with books through my family and friends! God really knows our needs even before we ask :) When I was still single, Alan would surprise me with gifts and one of them was my favorite book, “Five love languages” from the author of Purpose Driven Life. By the way, Alan is my exact opposite because he loves to read and he really is a book worm so to speak. In fact, he has an array of books, mostly fiction. That’s how he became very literate I guess. Just so you know, he edits my blog and make sure all the grammar is correct. Hahaha. Thank you dear and for your gift of literacy! Aside from that, on our wedding, I received tons of marriage-help-books. I’m just so blessed with friends and family that up to this day, I would still receive surprise wedding presents :) A few weeks ago, one of my sisters in the community, Ate Myrtle, gave me some books which she read during her early years of marriage. She was just so sweet for remembering me.

The first book that got my interest was “The First Years Together, Encouragement and Advice for the Newly Married Woman.” Looking from the title, it sounded like a very good and fit read for me. I’m glad that its only 123 pages so I managed to finish it on one lazy weekend. In the book, the author explains how to overcome the challenges and problems that Christian women face in the formative years of married life. With keen insight, compassion, and candid illustrations from her own successful marriage, she gets to the roots of important issues like communication, romance, disillusionment, sex, birth-control, pregnancy, housekeeping, in-laws, finances, decision making in the home, and the differences between men and women. She offers tested, proven wisdom that has helped hundreds of Christians through the difficulties of the first years of marriage, turning those years into opportunities for a stronger, happier marriage. Christian marriage is the deepest, most gratifying human relationship you will ever experience, but it is also the most challenging. Marriage counselors consider the first years of marriage the most challenging of all, and the most important years for building a successful marriage. The book offers encouragement and practical help for making the first years of your marriage the beginning of a fulfilling, Christ-centered life together.

As of today, I’ve got one more week before Alan comes! Yipeee!  In the meantime, I might read another book while I wait. Also, if you are interested with this book, please do not hesitate to let me know and I’ll happily pass it on to you! However, I can only ship it within the US for you know shipping internationally is expensive. Sorry :( In the same way, if you have any suggestions on what book you think I might enjoy, please feel free to comment below. Maybe we can start an online inspirational book club! (:


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