Friday, August 24, 2012

One for all, All for BANGS!

Before another school semester starts for my sisters, I threw them a final feast and a make over last Friday. I've also been thinking of cutting my hair before my trip to California on Friday (today!) so my sisters and I went to this famous and hip Korean Salon in Duluth.  

The salon is huge and it's the biggest one so far that I've ever been to in Atlanta. The interior is very modern and the employees are all looking fashionable. The very second I stepped in, I thought to myself, it's my kind of place. They accommodated us very nicely although we came in a little bit late. There were many stylists working on that day so we didn't have to wait too long. Most stylists were men with edgy hairstyles so even if I wanted a girl to cut my hair, unfortunately, I was left with no options. However, the one who cut my hair, Garam, he did not fail me! I showed him a picture of the hairstyle that I wanted and he managed to pull that look off. Kudos!


After our hair adventure, I treated my sisters dinner at a Korean Tofu house a few blocks away. I don't know what is it with us but we are always craving for Korean barbecue! We love Galbi! And this place has satisfied our cravings! (:



For dessert, which my tummy always has room, we had shaved ice and milk tea! For FREE! Coincidentally, Suno had an event that night and they were introducing their new flavors of shaved ice and milk tea. It's a lucky day for us (:

Wow! I felt like we had a mini trip to Korea that night cos everything was about Korea. Good thing we didn't have to suffer long hours of travel. 

That was a fun sister bonding indeed! A much needed one too for them before they get buried with their hectic school schedules. I am so amazed on how dedicated my sisters are in their studies. On top of that, I am impressed on how they have been coping up well at school even though they weren't born and raised here. Moving to another country with it's diverse culture, way of life, people and other things you are not used to growing up can be a bit of a shock, and might get you lost along the way. However, with my sisters, as young as they were when they migrated here, they adapted easily yet kept their Filipino values in tact. Also, I am very impressed on how much sacrifice they had to put in just to commute to school. If you only know, you'll be blown away too. These girls are just so amazing! And they are my sisters! (proud moment with tears here)

I wish our Ate was with us that night. Since she's not, she made this collage of us four with bangs! Somehow made us complete. 

The best thing about having a sister was that I always had a friend.  ~Cali Rae Turner