Monday, December 31, 2012

1st Year Wedding Anniversary Weekend

Woohoo! We were now married for a year! How time flies!

We'd like to share with you how we celebrated this significant occasion this past weekend. We didn't do something grand or extravagant. We just stayed in town cos there's still so much to see. 

We decided to avail our free passes to the Atlanta Botanical Garden- Holiday lights courtesy of my dear cousin, Kristine. She gave these to us as a birthday present and we were so glad to choose the past weekend to go there in time for our anniversary. It was so gorgeous, romantic and mystical. The garden lights were beyond my expectations. What a shining, shimmering, splendid night!

This tree looks like a cherry blossom, right? It reminded us of our wedding theme!
These perfectly choreographed dancing lights were my favorite!
Since we were in a botanical garden, there was an area dedicated for beautiful flowers that survive in the winter. Look at this humongous Christmas tree made out of Poinsettias. 
Then we capped Friday night with a romantic coffee and dessert date at Cafe Intermezzo. I loved my coffee, he loved his tea and we loved the cake!
The next day, Saturday, after an anticipated mass, we had a reservation at Medieval Times, Dinner and Tournament Restaurant. We felt like we were transported back into the medieval times! We had dinner and saw a live action tournament by 5 knights in shining armors. lol. I was so glad that my husband enjoyed this experience and for me, seeing him happy made me happy as well :) 
The dinner package came with a free night in a hotel nearby! How awesome! What a royal treatment especially with this very much comfortable king sized bed.
A free tunic and a sword for my baby boy! Sweet treat!
The next day, Sunday, we ate at Cho Won Buffet across our hotel. Literally, we call ourselves "Meat Lovers" LOL

The first year of our marriage has been surreal. Being together everyday gave life a different perspective and made our lives a lot colorful. I could not ask for a better partner than my husband. 

It's the small things that makes a big difference for me. Every single day, he joins me to eat breakfast at 6 in the morning although he need not to wake up early. When he's not busy, he drives me to work, joins me for lunch, and fetch me up after work. I always look forward to go home because I just can't wait to be with him again. We love doing all things together whenever there's a chance. A year has passed, I still feel the same up until this day and hoping that this feeling will last a lifetime. 

We aren't always on cloud nine.  Of course, there are bad days as well. However, through God's grace, our love for each other overcomes evil or everything that will try to break our vows for one another. 

We are overly grateful and thankful to every blessing God poured upon us on our first year. We look forward for more years of enriched and blissful marriage. 

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  1. Pleased to see the wonderful lighting and flower decorations at your first anniversary. Gone through many beautiful venues in San Francisco and planning to finalize one for my parent's silver jubilee next month. Will order couple cake and choco cookies online. Saw wonderful draping designs and flower patterns online for the party.