Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My ooh la la-Lola!

Last Sunday, my Lola/grandmother turned 91! If I didn't tell you how old she is, would you believe she’s really 91 years old?

Me, I would never guess because look at how great she looks! Her beauty is impeccable inside and out. Some people say there's a resemblance between us and that certainly flatters me. (walang kokontra blog ko to!hahaha) It is so good to know that long life is in our genes :)

That makes me wonder how long I'm going to live with all my food nitpicks, fad diets, running and all that things I try to do to obtain a healthy lifestyle. lol. I believe on my lola's younger days, she didn't have time to work out. She was always busy working and making ends meet because she was the bread winner of the family. I guess her commuting to work was considered her exercise back then.

She also is the best cook therefore all of her home-cooked meals tasted heavenly. Imagine all that patis (fish sauce), MSG that she used to put to her dishes to make them oh so good! (ngayon magic sarap nalang ang katapat.hahaha)

At this point, she no longer cooks and her crown for best in cooking was bestowed to my mother (of course all you guys will also say that your mother/wife is the best cook in the world. hahaha). Yet, after cooking and eating unconsciously (and after all the bypass surgeries) she managed to live all the way to 91 years old. Uhhh-ma-zing! 

Will all our best efforts to live a healthy life carry us through a happy, old age? Of course, it makes sense to be wise on what we eat and to stay active because it will have a tremendous effect on our bodies. Although I think however hard we try to look and feel good to live longer, only God knows when our journey on earth ends.

It's good that while we exert all our energy to live healthy physically, we should also feed our hearts and souls to become healthy spiritually at the same time. Keep the balance. The best example of a healthy mind, body and soul, of course, is my Lola. A woman who is living life to the fullest. She devoted most of her life in prayer, nurturing our family, and in helping other people.

So on her special day, I asked her what her birthday wish was, she only said, a happy death. Boom! That was straight-forward like right-in-yo'-face statement! My lola can be  pretty morbid sometimes pero may karapatan naman. I know she couldn't ask for more. She has lived her life well and completely satisfied for whatever she's done and whatever she's received from the Lord. I guess she's just waiting for that time to come. You know, that "time."

But I'm happy to know that she's accepting it freely, joyfully and with all her heart.  I can say that is true gratification and serenity, my dear readers. Her life is a living testimony of a happy, old age. A life that has meaningfully made it's way to the path of holiness and true joy. 

However, for me, I still want her in our lives. Even for a bit more. She's such a joy to be with and her presence is always delightful. Pero hindi pa time lola, may utang ka pang kiss and hug kay lolo. hahaha. at at at you still have to wait for little Joselle and Alan ;) I love you Lola!

Here's a video I took asking her what her birthday wish was:


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