Thursday, July 3, 2014

Journey to Chicago!

Chicago is a wonderful place but my journey to the city is beyond wonderful. As much as I enjoy traveling with my husband, friends or family, sometimes traveling alone is a good thing. I've learned so much just in my journey but I would like to share 3 most important things with you:

We can never out give God. He is generous.
I was supposed to take Friday off so I could drive with the rest of the participants. Our conference for the Singles for Christ this year was in Chicago and I needed to go as their coordinator. We planned to drive midnight of Friday and arrive Friday afternoon (12 hour-drive). Month prior, I learned that it was my boss' birthday and she had planned to take a day off too. My hopes were down and was thinking of giving away my registration to someone else. This stressed me out a little and so I prayed. God quickly came to the rescue. I found out that I have accrued enough mileage to cover a round-trip flight to Chicago.  My flight was FREE! So I got to go to work Friday and flew out Friday evening. This trip was truly a will of God. I made it without hurting my pocket and my job. Thank you Lord for your generosity and faithfulness! 

Small talks can be big.
I decided to go straight to the airport after work and so I figured taking the train to the airport will be the smartest way to beat the Atlanta traffic. Inside the train, there was an interesting group of young men and women that caught my attention. In America, small talks are part of their culture. Especially in the South where you'll meet the friendliest people of all. I don't think the saying "don't talk to strangers" apply here. For instance, you are in the supermarket and a cashier asks you, "hi how are you?", you should respond, I'm good how about yourself?". Even though you don't really want to know how they really are, it's the norm here and I think it's nice. Anyway, a girl from this group approached the guy seating next to me. Out of the blue she asked him what he was reading then I was dragged in to the conversation.  Long story short I found out that they were from another state attending a Christian conference in Atlanta. Before she stepped out of the train with her group, she gave us a card with her church information. That young lady inspired me with her boldness in her faith and fearlessness to evangelize. I pray that I could have the confidence to be able to do that too. I should probably get myself a business card as well.hehehe. 

Entitlement is not good to your soul.
On the plane, I was assigned to seat in the middle. On the aisle seat, there was a lady who told me it's her first time to fly (here goes small talks again). A few minutes later, a guy in a crisp business suit came and he's claiming the aisle seat. Well, originally its his seat but the lady was scared to seat by the window. For a little bit, there was an awkward commotion. Flight attendants tried to fix the situation but they couldn't do anything because the flight was full. I offered my seat but she doesn't want to sit next to the entitled, arrogant guy. In the end, the lady with tears on her face sat by the window and the guy won his aisle seat. I felt helpless and there was really nothing I could do. All I did was pat the lady's back and told her everything will be fine. For the entitled guy, all I can say is bless your heart. Entitlement is basically putting yourself on the pedestal thinking you are awesome but cannot be awesome for others. For me, the most awesome people are those who can be selfless for others, just like Jesus. 

In my journey along to Chicago, I felt that God was always with me keeping me close to Him through all the circumstances that came and through all the people I've met along the way. Sometimes not reading a book or carrying an iPad is good to avoid shutting people out. I learned that He was present everywhere because I kept myself open to my surroundings. Jesus is present everywhere if He is within you. 

Behold I am with you, and will keep you wherever you go, and will bring you back to this land. For I will not leave you until I have done what I have promised you. Genesis 28:15


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