Monday, August 4, 2014

A Letter to Mommy from Son and Daughter in Law

The first flower that comes into my mind when I think of my mom is a Sunflower because she is a cheerful person.  She is hard to ignore because of the bright aura that surrounds her.  And she always enjoys the good sides of life like the sunflower enjoys the sun.

Surprisingly enough, mom's birth flower is also the Sunflower according to the Japanese.  The Sunflower has flower words or meanings like Radiance and Loving Care in Japan.  I think this is also true for my mom.  She has a radiant personality and gives us her love and care everyday. 

The Sunflower is known by its name because it always faces the sun.  This way it fully receives sunlight and gets the energy to grow tall.

I think what this teaches is, to fully receive grace, we should always face God, our sun, and that we must have a positive attitude in life.  My mom has been like this and I am grateful that we have received the same grace through her.

So mom, thank you for your love and care and may you always be the radiant Sunflower that you are!

Happy Birthday!!!


Dear Mommy,

I am so grateful and blessed to be your daughter in law. Thank you for trusting me to care for your one and only son. Alan has grown to be a good, kind, loving, intelligent, righteous, God-fearing man and I will be forever grateful to you for teaching him such values.

My two sister in laws, Nina and Risa have grown to be both graciously kind inside and out, and no doubt it is because of your loving upbringing. I hope I would be able to raise our future kids the way you did. Daddy is blessed as well to be your husband for giving him your superseding support as a wife. I hope I would be able to give Alan all the support that he needs too. 

Not all gets along well with their mother in laws for many reasons but not us. You've never demanded anything from me and never have I felt that I am not good enough for your son. Thank you for accepting me, treating me and loving me well.

I honor you for being  a mother so gracious, generous, selfless, simple, and most of all, godly. 

I love you and happy birthday! :)


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