Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Real Housewife of Atlanta

Tita Cathy is not only my pastoral leader but a dear aunt of mine. For her birthday, we honored her on our household meeting and I would like to share it to my blog (with her permission also). 

- I honor her for her great faith in the Lord. She's one of the gracious women I look up to. Her words of advice and encouragement are wisdom from above. I couldn't forget what she told me when we first moved here in the US. She said something like: Do not make your relationship with your boyfriend your world cos when you and him fall apart, your world will crumble as well. Instead, make God your number one and whatever happens, you'll be fine. Now my boyfriend we're talking about is my husband. Alan knows God is my first love and my husband is my last :) Our long distance relationship survived because we acknowledged that apart from Him, it just wouldn't work. 

- I honor her for her kindness and gentleness. People who doesn't know her fully might think of her as snob maybe because of her chinky eyes (hahaha) but to those who know her personally, she's the nicest woman you'll ever know. I don't know how she keeps her cool when surrounded by 4 children, her husband, her grandson, her parents, her sister, her nephew, a dog, and a cat all in one roof. Her love for her family is truly unconditional and knows no bounds. 

- Lastly, I honor her for her simplicity. She dresses up simply and modestly, she doesn't carry designer bags, she drives an old car she's a very humble lady but simply beautiful, inside and out. She doesn't need expensive things to validate her worth because her heart is set to what truly matters. Her relationship with God is her greatest treasure.   

I wish you happy birthday Tita Cathy. May you never grow tired of inspiring other women and may the Lord continue to use you to spread the joy. Thank you for the pastoral care, inspiration and light you bring to us.


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