Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Ate Joyce!

Today's post is dedicated to my Ate (older sister) because it's her birthday! 

My ate is only a year older than I am. We have two younger sisters which were born consecutively after 6 years when I was conceived. So when we were younger, there was a time when it was just my ate and I. For 6 years, we were the best of playmates. We spent an active, memorable, and fun childhood. After school and our home works, we would play outside together with our friends. We rode our bicycles, play langit-lupa, piko, step no-step yes, tagutagoan, ice-ice baby, football, pepsi-seven up, agawan base, jackstones, marco polo, Barbie, chipy-chipy gum, pog cards, luksong tinik, luksong baka, Chinese garter and other Filipino street games. I also remember times when our mom would allow us to go out in the rain and just soak ourselves up. I don't know why we had gotten so fond of that. Haha. Sometimes, we collect gumamelas in the neighborhood and make bubbles out of those flowers with dish washing soap. Also, there would be times that my ate and I would pick Aratiris fruit from the trees and eat them. On Christmas season, we would sing christmas carols from house to house with our friends and the neighbors would give us money or treats. I think my mom allowed us to actively play outside because she knew that we would watch over and take care of one another. If we're inside the house, we would entertain ourselves in playing that we're working in a bank or acting like we're teachers. We would also make ourselves a tent made out of a bed sheet and play bahay-bahayan. We grew up with not so many resources so we are lucky to be blessed with creative minds. Somehow we were contented with the toys we had and importantly, as little girls, we were happy as long as we had one Barbie each(: I had princess Ariel and she had princess Jasmine. We didn't get to have gadgets or any hi tech gaming devices but the time we spent playing intimately with each other was incomparable.

When we both entered school together, our parents would enroll us to same school, of course. Being in the same school with her challenged me to be a better student and she definitely inspired me in a lot of ways. My ate is very smart and active in class in fact she even joined the student council. In school plays, she was always the director and her class would win most of the time. As her sister, I was so proud of all her achievements. And up until now (:

Next to my mom and my grandma, she's the strongest woman in my life. When we were blessed to have an opportunity to experience greener pasture in life, in other words, migrate to the US, it broke our hearts that she wasn't able to come with us for some reason. We've never been away from each other until that day came. But not a single tear came out from her eyes on that day we said our goodbyes at the airport. That's how strong she is. She's not as cheesy as me I guess. hehe. She's living for 4 years now with our aunt and uncle so I know she's definitely in good hands.

In her career, we cannot be more prouder of her. She's travelled across the country through her job. And happy to know that she's enjoying her craft and she's able to give back generously to others through her job as well. And most important of all, we are definitely glad that she's discovering her own journey with her faith in God.

Is there something I missed? Love life perhaps? hehe. Personally, I am happy and very supportive of her and her boyfriend. I feel that they're meant for each other. I don't want to jinx this so I'll just stop right here. hehe. But if I may give a piece of advice speaking as a married woman, just keep your relationship centered with the Lord and everything will go as fine.

So to end this post, I just want to wish you Ate a happy and meaningful birthday! I may not say this to you as often, I want you to know how much I love you! I wish you all the best in life and we pray that God will bless you abundantly in granting the desires of your heart. Keep up the good work!

We miss you!!!

before and after
at Punta Fuego 2012



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