Friday, June 8, 2012

Why blog?

Why blog, if there's Facebook? I know there's a lot of social media already in this age and most popular right now is Fb. I remember my first social media back when I was in college, around mid2000's, was Friendster. The "grand daddy" of social networks most popular in Asia. I used to blog there as well but sadly, I have lost my Friendster account since I switched to Fb. I would love to see what I've written there during my teenage years and laugh on how immature I was back then. That'd be fun. And then there was also Multiply. My hubby and I used to have our joint private account and we had our own little world. Thank God for technology and our long distance relationship survived all through out those years. And now I've been with Fb for 4 years. Who knows, one day, Fb might just die or lose popularity for a rise of another social network, I know I'd have my own site still :)

Why blog, if you can write in a journal? I used to keep a diary when I was younger. My diary was probably only filled with encounters of my crushes and young love. You know that awkward stage. Hahaha. Anyway, my hubby gave me an iPad as a surprise birthday present last year. I love it and sometimes I would make use of it as a journal too. So if I can write my thoughts in my iPad, I can just keep it to myself right? Well, I believe some things are worth sharing to other people. Keeping a journal is a good thing that can benefit ourselves in a lot of ways. Some use it as a tool to vent out or to release everyday stress and some use writing for self improvement. I know some people who writes while meditating, after reading the bible. And that's amazing. Such a waste if they would only be kept to ourselves. I thought if i share some of my humble thoughts to the world, there might be some who would relate to what I'm going through and possibly, my blog could help. I hope :) I'm not a wanna be Rick Warren or Bo Sanchez (but these guys are my inspiration) but I thought God provided us with lots of tools on earth so we could use it in lots of positive ways and one is to inspire others.

Why blog, if you can just connect to the people directly? Well, whoever it was who invented the world wide web, I'm absolutely thankful to you! When you live abroad and miss some of the people you've left behind, all you have got to do is turn on your PC or phone and you're a click away. I thought if my hubby and I might not be able to connect to our dear friends and family on the other side of the world due to hectic schedules, we can just update y'all of our happenings in our lives through this blog :)

Why blog, when your English and grammar sucks! Lol. I am already expecting and geared for criticisms as early as now. I humbly admit that English is not my first language. But let me be clear, I'm so open to constructive criticisms. There is a saying that "practice makes perfect". There's also always room for improvement right? I just like writing and English was my favorite subject of all besides recess. Haha.

And lastly, what is the need to blog? This site is dedicated to my hubby. My hubby and I created a wedding site (wedsite) back when we were planning our wedding. He was so hands on in it and he loved it so much. And we thought why not make a site that'll continue what we've started. We think it's fun to look back and see how our love and relationship blossom as we age. Hoping we could inspire other couples too with our blog.

I hope you would be delighted to join me in my journey.



  1. Hi ate Joselle, Mayey 'to. I blog too, though only a few people know that I do (pinsanity lang and some of my friends). Looking forward to reading more of your posts. Continue being an inspiration to others! <3

  2. Hi Mayey! That's great. I'm excited to visit your blog site and view your posts. Good to know that we share interest in blogging. Thanks for the kind comment. God bless!