Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I am Joselle

I am Joselle and I am 25 years old. 

I am a wife. I recently got married to an amazing man on December of 2011 . As I log my thoughts to this blog as of this time, I live miles away from my hubby, which led me to writing and creating this web blog. I will explain further the reason behind that on my next entry.

Moving forward, I am a true blooded Filipina. Born and raised in the Philippines but now residing across the globe (US) for four years now with my family.

I am a typical 8-5 employee, working 5 days a week, off on weekends :) Luckily blessed to be still working in the same firm for almost four years now despite the tight economy.

I am a daughter of a super mom who raised 4 lovely girls.

I am a sister of those 3 lovely girls whom I share clothes with, borrow purses and other girly stuff from. Sounds fun right?

I am a loyal friend and sincerely keeps those people who are hard to find.

I am a shopper especially with a good eye on deals!

I am a traveler. I have this rush in jumping on planes or cars to see what other places has to offer. I do not miss to collect magnets from those places as souvenirs. 

I am born with a sweet tooth and loves everything chocolaty!

I am in love with one solely color since birth and that is PINK! It makes me happy and keeps me like a little girl at heart :)

I am not a professional writer obviously as you may notice in this post but a frustrated one :)

I can go on and on with so many descriptions of my self but there's only one thing I will leave last because it's simply special. If there's one thing I would tell about myself it is...

I am a Christian. I know I have been given a purpose in this world by God and we all are. And one purpose of this blog is to simply inspire other people in letting them know how God is graciously working in me. 

So to cap this post, I would like to say that words are truly not enough to describe ourselves. There's a popular saying that, "Actions speak louder than words". You may choose not to believe in everything I tell about myself but for me, there's also one virtue that I hold dearly at all times and that is honesty. 

You may also choose to follow my blog if this finds you helpful and inspired. If not, I understand and I pray you find yourselves something worth while.


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