Sunday, September 15, 2013

Journey to NYC day 4 & 5

On our fourth day, I woke up to this breath taking view from our hotel and took a second to reflect on what life must be like here in NY. Nagmuni-muni in tagalog. haha. Then got kilig and squealed "Hello Man'hatn"!!! 

From Manhattan, my bff Mike and I hopped on a subway and went to Brooklyn. 

After walking through the bridge, we headed off to another tourist spot, Ground Zero. It was just so heart breaking to be here around the memorial date of 9/11. 

For late lunch, we went to another recommendation restaurant from Patty, The Spotted Pig in Greenwich St. As the New Yorker claims, this is a place where normal people to to feel like celebrities and celebrities go to feel like normal people. We did spot some pigs but we were hoping to spot some celebrities too and unfortunately, we failed. hehe. This was my last meal with my bff before he went back to LA. Hope to see you again and thanks for being my travel buddy and my solicited photographer! hehe. 

At National Public Library.

Met friends from Singles for Christ for dinner and they took me to Serendipity! Another food trip highlight for me. We had their famous must-try Frozen Hot Chocolate!

Had a short tram/cable car trip to Roosevelt Island.

For my last day and last meal in NY, the newlyweds and Elle took me to Jollibee and Red Ribbon in Queens which rounded off my trip. I love you guys and I love New York! This city definitely feels like home. See you next time, Big Apple! :)


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