Sunday, September 15, 2013

Journey to NYC Day 3

The condo that we booked was owned by a Korean guy right smack in the middle of K-town! For brunch, Sheila and I had Bonchon chicken cause we don't have this yet in Atlanta while Mike stepped out and came back with a box of Halal cause there's none like this in LA. He loves it and had been eating Lamb Halal from food carts everyday since day 1. haha.   

Thank you to Sheila's friends who lives in NY and they took us to my dreamland. Laduree french macaroons, bon jour! 

Central park proved that NY is not plainly a concrete jungle. We had the perfect weather to stroll along this iconic movie public park and wished that I was HHWWing (holding hands while walking) with my dear hubby. hehe. 

If LA has In N Out, NY has their Shake Shack! This is a must go to burger place in the city. I had the Shack burger and cheese fries and it was so good! However, Farm burger in Atlanta is still on my no.1 list. Love your own right? hehe

While we were digesting that calorific meal, we wandered through Fifth Avenue, the most expensive shopping street in the world! One of the stores that captured my attention was Tiffany. It reminded me of my fave movie, Breakfast at Tiffany's. I stayed true to my goal and window shopped only. hahaha. 

Thanks to Mike's friend from LA, Allan, who requested to buy him some Potatochip Chocolate and that's how I found this new baby. We were lucky that the sales lady was a Filipina and she let us taste test an array of chocolates to our hearts' content. Royce's originated in Japan and in the US, it's only available in NY. 

For dinner, I recommended Joe's Shanghai in Chinatown. The first time I went here was on 2009 with my husband and we ate here out of curiosity cause of the long cue. Most people come here just to eat their famous pork and shrimp soup dumpling (xiao long bao) and that's what we ordered too. After my first dumpling, it changed my life forever. haha. 

After dinner, Mike pleaded that we go to McGee's Pub. It's the bar where How I Met Your Mother TV series got their bar set concept.  

For our third night, an angel came down from heaven and gave us free 2 nights stay at Marriott Residence in by Time Square! The angel is from Atlanta who leads Singles for Christ and had to travel coincidentally to NY for work. Thanks a bunch Sandra! :)


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