Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Blessed Birthday

Yesterday, I turned a year past my silver year. As always, I am glad that I was able to celebrate this special day with my family. Not only that, I'm even more happy because of the presence of my most loving husband.

Let me walk you through how my special day turned out. Early morning upon arriving at the office, these gifts welcomed me and they were from my sweetest co-workers!   

It has been a tradition to us ever since to offer mass on our birthday so at lunch break, I attended the Holy Eucharist with my hubby. I thanked God for the gift of fullness of life and for all the wonderful blessings he gave me. 

After work, we took everyone at home to a Korean restaurant to celebrate and eat some Korean BBQ! I don't really know why but I love love love korean bbq! It might not be a healthy choice but might as well enjoy them while I'm still young. hahaha. 

My hubby got me this cute and yummy chocolate cake from a Korean bakery. The reason why I love Korean cakes is because they're not too sweet so no guilt feeling after the indulgence. It's just perfect! 

Time to make a wish and blow the candles! 

Mr. & Mrs. Fernandez
Famlove <3
It was a very blessed and momentous day for me. I was touched as I got hundreds of overwhelming birthday greetings. As I posted on my FB last night:
Thank you everyone for all your birthday wishes! Feel greatly blessed and can't ask for anything more. God has been way generous to me on showering me with amazing people/relationships and at the end of the day, that is all that truly matters. Love you all! :)

As we grow older, we become more mature and we start to realize what's more important in life. According to the priest's sermon yesterday, each one of us should understand our priorities in life. In my case, choosing to put God above all else, I gained a lot of wisdom, peace, love, joy, serenity, and many more. If we all walk through our way of life with the Lord, all else will follow. Good life, job, friends, and most especially, family, all these will turn out well because of the wise choices we make. Our choices, our thinking, our heart will always want to please God in everything. We will become more loving and compassionate toward others and we will build great relationships with our family, friends, and all God's children. We will learn how to live simply, humbly and generously. Of course our lives won't always be as colorful as rainbows and butterflies. We will pass through hardships and we will make mistakes along the way but that's okay. Allow those to serve  important lessons in life, know that God allows second chances, and keep up the faith. I know that God works wonders! Thank you Lord for standing by me in my 26-year life journey and happily looking forward for more years to come! Thank you for allowing me to age gracefully :)


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