Monday, October 1, 2012

Surprise Birthday Party for Ninang Ida!

Last Saturday, my husband, my sisters and I organized a surprise party for our dearest aunt. Initially, it was Ninong Butch's (her husband) idea to make it a surprise since they were coming from a short visit to Alabama that day, he wanted that when she came home, she would get one of the biggest surprises of her life. The timing of their road trip was perfect so we were able to move around the house to decorate, run errands, and prepare everything. Great timing too that her youngest sister from the Philippines was here and as well as her aunt and uncle from Las Vegas were here with us. Although it was such a short notice, I was so thankful for all of our relatives who made it. Thankful too for the wonderful dishes they shared. What a memorable party!

DIY banner
festive balloons from party city, I bought 10!
mocha cake courtesy of my mom which I bought from a korean bakery. yummo!

me and my pink party hat to complete my outfit :)
I couldn't believe that my hubby made that colorful hanging ornament up there. so creative hubs!
the party coordinators/ singers
Surprise welcome for the birthday girl (sayang hindi ko nakuhanan yung firing ng confetti, kasi ako din nagfire eh.bongga pa naman. haha)
the master mind carrying a bouquet of pretty roses for the birthday girl...sealed with a kiss. sweet!
eating time! my cousin Brandon in the middle started off with the dessert. lol
The guests

entertainer from Vegas :P

The birthday girl (:

 1st generation Jayo siblings

A special song number from her husband.

In our family, we give honoring to the birthday celebrant just to let her/him know how thankful we are of her/his presence in our lives. It is uplifting and inspiring to hear such kind words! My ninang has amazingly touched so many lives and one of it was mine. So blessed! (:

Tita Elen, her sister in CFC (adopted Jayo family.hehe)
...and her husband Tito Tat
her younger cousin, Tita Cathy
Ninang Ida only has one son.... and three adopted daughters. hahaha :)
her younger sister, my mom
her youngest sister, Ninang Clair (best in honoring)
her favorite aunt, Lola Leng
Unico hijo, Christian!
her better half, Ninong Butch
her sister-in-law, Tita Tess
her younger cousin, Tita Abeth
her favorite uncle, the one and only, Lolo Ed
the birthday girl saying her thank you speech
We ended the program with a pray over for my Ninang. We asked God to continue to pour His goodness and blessings upon her so she may be able to touch more lives and continue to serve her ultimate purpose in life.  

And to cap the small celebration, these kiddos surprised us with the viral dance, GANGNAM STYLE! 

hubby and I, happy for the successful turnaround of the surprise party :)
Ninang, we are so greatly blessed and delighted to be a part of your life. You inspire us in so many ways especially myself. You highly influenced me on how to be a good wife, daughter, and a sister. You were a good example to us (Jovy and Jonah) as a woman with great faith in God. Thank you for everything that you taught us especially how to save up, how to be organized, how to clean up after ourselves and how to be responsible women. We would not be who we are right now if not for you, our second mom.
Thank you for all the love you've given us and all sacrifices you've made for our family. We love you!

Happy Birthday! 


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