Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Our first baby pumpkin:FURnandez!

Last Saturday, our sweet friends invited us to carve pumpkins! Pumpkin lanterns are very famous here during Halloween season. They light them and put them in front of their door steps at night and I've seen some cool ones when I went with my little cousins for a treat or trick one Halloween night. Don't ask me the history of it though. Hahaha. Maybe someone can comment down below?

Anyway, Alan and I haven't tried this before so we thought we'd give it a try and maybe we can teach our future kids how to make them. I seriously thought it'd be hard but trust me it's easy!  Whether you have God given creativity or not, you can definitely nail this. 

Here's how:

First we went to a church to buy some pumpkins. Ping suggested it's better to buy them from a church cos the money will go to a good cause/fundraising. Better than buying them from Walmart right? :P So we went ahead and bought the $10 one.

Alan and Ping
Maria and I
We saw cute little kiddos having their picture taken in the pumpkin field with the scarecrow man. Hope they weren't scared. 

Now, time to work it!

Make a hole at the top of the pumpkin. Inside, you will find tons of gooey seeds and strings. Remove all that away so it'll be nice and clean. Don't throw away the top cos you'll need to put it back once you're all done.

Then choose whatever design you want and start carving. Since we're beginners, Ping bought us tools and it came along with a carving book! We chose this cat in a hat design (master level 3) and traced it in the pumpkin. I hope that wasn't considered cheating. LOL. That's why I'm telling y'all it's so easy :P

Finish product! Say hi to a new FURnandez (:

Ping and Maria's pumpkin: Mr. Owl

Thank you Ping and Maria for a very fun DIY pumpkin lantern! We had a great time!


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