Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Birthday Weekend

Tomorrow is Halloween! Can't believe October is coming to an end. I guess time comes by fast when we get very occupied. Just this weekend, happenings were all over the place. It was super packed but it was fun, as always! These are the memories that are definitely going to my blog (:

Saturday, we had dinner with our friends at J. Alexander's Steak house to celebrate my birthday and Alan's as well. We also had karaoke after at Ai-tunes. We're thankful for our friends for making it memorable for us.

Sunday morning, I had my marathon relay run together with my friends in CFC. Actually, one of our friends was supposed to run but she can't do it so she had me as her back-up. I thought it would be challenging and I was right. Love challenges and adventures! Glad I was down for it. This run was different from my past races. It was different because we ran as a team. I knew someone was waiting for me so I had to work extra hard. Sometimes pressure is good when it pushes yourself to do things you thought you couldn't do. 

Right after the run, we rushed home to prepare for Alan's big 30 party. Big thanks to my family for helping me in preparing the food, decor, table set up, photobooth, and everything. One of my aunts suggested to do a costume party as it is Halloween weekend. Dressing up is always fun! This year, I just made my own costume. I got my inspiration from the viral Youtube video, Gangnam Style. It was the outfit of the girl in the subway. Then got my wig from a grocery store for $3. Alan was wearing his wedding suit and borrowed my lolo's bow tie. He was the lead guy, Psy. 

All the kids danced with us to beat of Oppa Gangnam Style! hahaha

Thank you to all my family for your presence and all the gifts as well. We love you!

For all the people whom we've met in the past, in the present and those who have been with us forever, we're so thankful to all of you. Know how we value so much our relationship more than anything else. 




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