Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Happy 20th Birthday, Jonah Mae!

I kid you not. Jonah, our bunso (youngest sibling) is the sweetest bunso ever! Why? Because now that she just turned 20, she has no plans yet of moving out of our mom's bedroom. She still chooses to sleep beside her. hehehe. Sorry to embarrass you little sis, but for your Ate, I find this so adorable. Grateful that you are there for our mom as her pillow and comfort each night. Sweet bebe!

She's so responsible, very much so for her age. Last weekend, she had the opportunity to serve in our ministry's youth camp and one mom told me how well she did and how she was touched by her talk/sharing. Every compliment I hear about my sisters is music to my ears. When my Lola was still with us, Jonah took care of her really well. Walang arte kahit sa pagpalit ng diaper. She offered her nothing but love, compassion, respect, joy and treated her grandmother like her own mom. At home, she helps vacuum the house every week and does other assigned chores responsibly. She makes sure her things are in order and there's no need for me to tell her to tidy up. 

She's simple. Au naturel look is her go to style. Except for BB cream, which is her no. 1 staple make up product, she doesn't like to cover her face with too much cosmetics. She's beautiful inside and out :) 

She's hard working. She puts a lot of effort in studying and values education so much. We are so proud of her as she's close to finish her degree in Finance.  

She's pure and she promised to keep herself chaste until marriage. At 20, like our other sister, Jovy, she's a member of NBSB (No Boyfriend Since Birth) club.  Lucky is the man who can wait for my sister and wins her heart. Patapusin mo muna ha. hehe. :)

She's my barkada. Lucky to have sisters to hang out with, mess up with, talk to about anything and everything, borrow clothes from, share secrets with, and what not. I guess the secret to a long lasting, solid friendship and sisterhood is to always forgive and not hold grudges. 

Happy Birthday, Jonah Mae! Ate is very proud of you! I'll always be here to support you and guide you. May you continue to grow in faith and may you always be blessed as you follow whatever God wills for you in life. We love you! 


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