Friday, November 22, 2013

Welcome Zion! Hillsong United in Atlanta

I was in awe and was so delighted that last night, I,  together with my sisters found ourselves in a sea of youthful, energetic, and good-natured people. Like us, they were there to attend the Welcome Zion tour of Hillsong United. I just recently became a fan of them when my heart melted to their new song, Oceans, that I mentioned earlier on my blog. I just couldn't believe my eyes when I read on their website that they're going to Atlanta and will be performing on Gwinnett Arena which is roughly 13 minutes away from where I live. I just knew I couldn't pass on this great opportunity to see them perform live. 

If you don't know Hillsong United, they're a band from Australia creating and performing inspirational Christian music. I am quite familiar with some of their songs as I try to listen daily to Christian radio station on my way to work. Also, we sometimes incorporate their songs to our praise and worship in our church and community. 

What I thought was a concert, turned into a night of praise fest! Everybody unhesitatingly sung their hearts out, danced, lifted up their hands and just went all out in praising God through Hillsong's heartfelt music. I genuinely commend this band for bringing in some new flavor to Christian music. Their Christian contemporary modern pop songs were probably what drove young peoples' attention to dove in to praise and worship. Before (a little bit today sometimes), like any other teenagers, I used to love listening to chill R&B and to some cool pop music without really looking into the meaning of the song. As long as I loved the beat and the melody, I didn't really care if it had sort of distasteful meaning underneath. But as I grew older, with the grace of God, I started to develop an understanding that the lyrics do matter! Now, I try my hardest to choose only the kind of music that brings inspiration and glory to the Lord and hopefully, if it's God will to grant me children, that I may teach them the same. 

Going back to last night, God amazingly filled the arena with his presence and definitely my mascara ran out. I was also happy and proud of my sisters that at their young age, they are not afraid to show how much they love the Lord and that we all share the same passion. Our ticket was really worth it and it was a 'win-win' situation too. Hillsong was able to promote their songs, and as for us, our hearts and spirits got consumed by the powerful messages God conveyed to us through their music. 

Lastly, at this day in age of secularism, God reassures that there is hope!

Sisters United
Welcome Zion Tour 2013

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