Thursday, May 2, 2013

Gift of Friends

If there's one person who knows everything and anything under the sun about me, it's no other than my BFF, the love of my life, my sugar daddy and my one and only husband, Alan. hehehe. We've been apart since February and I'm already missing him like cray cray! Thanks to FB, Facetime, Google Hangout, Viber, and other social medias that makes communication anytime, anywhere possible for the both of us. We make sure we allot time to talk every single day no matter how busy our lives can be. 

Since my BFF is away, I am amazed on how God works his magic to make me feel less lonely. Besides from my family (8 kami sa isang bubong so imposibleng maging, I am grateful for my friends, old and new, who cheer me up and brighten up some of my lonely days. These friends are to me like angels from up there and I am tremendously blessed and proud to have them in my life. 

So one Saturday last month, I had the chance to cross whatever was in my to-do-list for the day and just jumped in to a day of pampering and discovering new things, as well as new friends. It might sound a little selfish, however, sometimes it is good to treat ourselves once in a while with things that will help us feel good. After a week of hard work in the office and at home, I felt like my body was urging for a much needed rest.

My first activity on that day was a date with my new found friend, Mars at Jeju Sauna. I've tried going to a sauna in the past in a local gym but I've never been to this kind of sauna. This one is humongous! I've only seen this kind of public bath in Japanese anime.hehehe. This sauna is designed after the Korean bathing houses.

Description from their website:
The dry and wet sauna rooms cleanse pores and helps rid the body of minor aches and pains.The cold bath pool not only rejuvenates the body, but strengthens the immune system and helps with blood circulation. Aqua-jets in the spas massage away tension through the use of acupressure. Exfoliation scrub and massage services leave skin feeling silky and smooth.Relax in the lounge area while sipping on an ice-cold beverage at our restaurant, or bask in the warmth of the tranquility.  
For $25, we maximized the use of their dry and wet sauna rooms. We stayed there from 1 pm to 6 pm. Actually this place is open for 24 hours so if you want, you can stay much longer. Other services like body massage, foot massage, and acupuncture solicit extra fee but because I didn't want to pay more, I didn't opt for that. haha. To lay down inside the igloo looking sauna and sit in the hot jacuzzi while sipping from my pineapple smoothie was relaxing enough for me. Thank you Mars for inviting me to go here! 
After that pleasant sauna experience, we met with another new found friend, Jean! I met her in one of the Filipino parties, yes you can find me in all of those, as long as there's lechon. lol. We ate at a Hongkong restaurant called Ming's BBQ in Pleasant Hill and had the best duck in my life. It's so good, it's a must try! Baka magselos si Jollibee Chicken Joy and Max's chicken, ganon kasarap for me. Oh how I love poultry, it shows! lol After dinner, we went to a cafe nearby and chatted some more. 

The three of us are uniquely different from one another.  However, we connected right away! Maybe it is because we all have Kapampangan blood and obviously that's the reason why we are "malago!" hahaha. 

I am also grateful for my old but good friends. No matter how far, from east coast to west coast, we keep our friendship in tact. This circle of friends are my friends from my community, Singles for Christ and if there's one thing that keeps us close up till this day is our relationship with God. Myk arranged for us to have a bible study each month through Google Hangout and the picture below was our first session :)
Every Friday is a date with my couple friends and last Friday was held at my place. These are my friends from Couples for Christ. They are my source of wisdom and inspiration. Since Alan and I are just starting in our marriage, it is a huge help to be surrounded by these couples with years of fruitful and blissful matrimonial life maturity. They are a true testimony that a long lasting relationship is a relationship that keeps God always in the center :)
I was also happy to have chatted with my all time best friend, my hubby's sister, Nina-chan! I was also finally introduced to her soon-BFF-too, Marvin, who both found one another at Lingkod ng Panginoon! Praying for you guys! <3
At work, I am also blessed to have found friends through my coworkers. Last Administrative Professionals Day, my supervisor (on the right) surprised me with flowers, breakfast on my desk, and a $50 Amex GC and our new hired EA (on the left) treated us to lunch at Atlantic Seafood company. Such generous, nice and sweet ladies. 

I feel greatly blessed to have all these people in my life, near, far, wherever they are. hehehe. God is indeed sending angels on my way while my husband is away (oh that rhymed!), and that makes me one happy, congenial girl. I pray that May will be a good month for me.  


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