Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Kid at heart

Over the weekend, our community hosted a Marriage Enrichment Retreat for married couples. The goal of the retreat was to ignite and bring back the fire of their love for one another. In order for them to focus and enjoy the retreat, of course, their children needed to be disconnected from their hips for a while. 

To the rescue was yours truly, dakilang yaya, and dodong, Clay with the help of some members from Youth for Christ. We took care of 21 sweet, adorable, shy, friendly, smart, and some-annoying-that-will-get-in-your-nerves, kiddos from Kids for Christ. I did not volunteer for this but it's funny how I always end up taking the responsibility even if I, myself could be clueless when it comes to child fostering. Obviously, I am still childless but I am grateful for the trust our leaders in the community gives me and the opportunity to serve. 

"Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me; and whoever welcomes me does not welcome me but the one who sent me." ~Mark 9:37

Couples for Christ GA family
 My babies!
Why throw the ball when you can just simply push the button, right Andrea? mwahahahaha!
Team kitty and Team cuties!
Ylla's love letter to her mom and dad

We prepared activities for them like games, face painting, dunk tank, craft time, movie time and imperatively, we had praise and worship time. 

As a whole, it was fun. It was refreshing to be with these children as it reminded me of their innocence, simplicity, honesty, and their being carefree. Honestly, I matured pretty fast because of our circumstance in life. I didn't have a choice but to grow up fast and be responsible so I could help my family immediately. When I was in grade school  I wished time would fly fast so I can be in high school and from high school I couldn't wait to go to college so I would be able to graduate and eventually work to have the moolah and get out of poverty. Thus somehow in between, I forgot how to be a kid. I remember I stopped liking animated movies after Little Mermaid which by the way I urged my husband for us to watch in Broadway. That's how much of a fan I am.

Fortunately, God sent me a guy who has a heart of a 5 year old boy. hehehe. He inspires me and my imagination in so many ways. He taught me how to play Wii, he downloads games in my phone and in my iPad, he takes me to animated films and to theme parks. I love it in general as it takes my mind out of this world that sometimes can be chaotic and it brings me to a world where I can escape for a little while and just have fun and care about nothing else. Thank you dear and thank you Lord. 


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